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  2. The collected works of Blissmusic

    beautiful words i found that depression was a wonderful motivator. whenever i'd feel worthless i'd break it all down and realize it was merely my mind throwing me bad thoughts and that if i didn't want to feel so worthless i'd do something more, something better, no matter how small. everyone can make a difference.
  3. SALT

    table salt has been documented to contribute to much ill health due to how refined it is. sea salt is very good for you as it contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc. and is very oxygenating.
  4. hey guys

    lol indeed.
  5. hey guys

    utterly delightful my friend
  6. hey guys

    Much obliged Mal. I'll have plenty of fun expanding my mind. Appreciate your words, Stigweard. I like my tea heavenly. Thanks DarinHamel. Warm vibrations all around
  7. hey guys

    I've been very spiritual for the past year, more so over the past 9 months. I feel that i have been very enlightened throughout this time. I've turned my life around and would like to continue to expand my frame of mind. Namaste my friends.