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  1. Ejaculation control

    Well this isn't really about ejaculation control in the conventional sense. I want to know more about the ability to orgasm without actually leaking any ejaculate. At the moment I'm trying to introduce my boyfriend to tantra. He is not very spiritual, but is very open-minded, and understands deep emotional concepts. He has never done any spiritual practice before, but I just want to show him the physical benefits first before throwing him in at the deep end. He's 21, gets hard easily, and keeps it quite well depending on the position, and can last very long if need be. He has excellent ejaculation control due to years of 'stop-starting' type of masturbation. In fact sometimes he has trouble coming, (it has nothing to do with over-masturbating or excessive porn). Anyway, I am familiar with basic taosim, and have heard that there is a spot between the anus and balls that feels like a round indent in the skin. When a man approaches orgasm, and squeezes his pc muscles really tight, along with pressing this spot he can stop himself ejaculating, - whilst still having an orgasm. Can anyone tell me more about this?
  2. Sexual Energy

    Lol thanks. A lot of what I've read is '....imagine your heart chakra glowing green and opening like a flower'. Whilst I appreciate that this might work for some, it hasn't for me. As for the vaginal orgasms thing- it's only happened once or twice as you know (I'm Titania from your forum hehe Exchanges secret handshake ) I will try and get that CD since I'm quite sensitive to sound anyway. I'm going to try for heart/brow orgasms since a guy I know who delas a lot with auras/energy fields said that it is from the heart chakra upwards that I'm the most active. Do people have orgasms in their throat, solar plexus and base chakras as well? It's just if someone gives me a good massage it feels like my throat and heart are 'opening up' so to speak. It feels really nice. Could be something to do with the muscles though. xx
  3. Sexual Energy

    Hello I'm new here, and so far these forums are very interesting. I have experimented briefly with energy before. I have read Mantak Chia's book for female sexual energy and I found it a bit too much for me to understand (my previous experience is in ecletic witchcraft). Anyway, I'm really interested in people's actual experiences when it comes to having heart/brow/crown orgasms since a lot of books have no author in-put like this. What do you do? How does it feel like for you? I'm sure I had some kind of powerful heart chakra experience when I was 14. I thought I had a heart problem at the time considering my heart was absoloutly pounding so hard in my chest at an impossible rate. I felt like energy expanded from my chest right to my head and down to my toes. Like I was a balloon being blown up. I thought I would explode with energy -it was so intense and breath-taking, but I wasn't scared. I've read that these sensations (and more can be experienced during sex). Has anyone got some simple chakra/energy excersises for me to do to help these along? I'm female). Also can anyone recomend a good heart chakra clearing/activating excersise. Anyone who read the 'down and dirt libido' thread will know what I'm on about here. I've noticed something odd that happend when my libido rises- I stop caring so much about my partner. It's like I go cold emotionally, even though I still have really strong lustful, erotic fu**ing type urges. I have experienced another type of libido that was just as strong where the energy was much more about caring, and being intimate, where my greatest need for sex came from wanting to connect to another human being. I was much more affectionate towards my partner, and it sounds terrible, but I cared more about him too than I do now. I was just wondering if my sacral/primary chakra is somehow at odds with my heart chakra? I'd like that heart centred libido back. All opinions welcome.
  4. Hello

    Well, ummmm, here I am. I am interested in energy manipulation in relation to chakras and sexual activity. Nothing else to say right now lol......... xx