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  1. Me Drunk = Talkative Mess

    For my friend to feel qi is as easy as me making a qi ball and having him stick his hands in the center?! Any other ways? Fire Dragon: Thanks for the suggestion. I got the book from my local library today and I'm going to give it a read myself too. It feels like I committed a taboo talking about it to him and while he is open minded, he doesn't really understand at all and I want him to understand because well, I'm living with him next year (we signed the papers). I think it is really important that he knows that his roommate is not crazy just "unique" and that there are other people like me. I found a place on my local campus that has yoga classes (hatha and ashtanga at place called Yoga on High) and I'm going to pick up the beginners class in a couple months because summer break is somewhat soon. However, I will start AYP. Thanks.
  2. Essentially, this story starts with me getting drunk at my friend's 20th birthday party Saturday night (two days ago). None of my friends know about kundalini energy let alone the fact that I feel it and I started to get really chatty with my roommate. I told my good bud, who I've talked about heavy stuff before, about kundalini energy and how strong and tried to describe how it feels to him. I told him about how alone I feel because none of the people that I personally know never have felt it before and may never feel something that is so strong inside of me. I also described how awkward it is for me to be raised Catholic and yet feel devoted to something that I never really practiced before. I continued onward talking about how I regret some of this because it was something that I never asked for yet it came into my life and how it really makes everything so damn confusing for me. I really got pretty emotional through it all and he tried to comfort me but I felt like I was a drunk quack just rambling off about conspiracy theories and how evil the government is. He seemed understanding but at a lack of words because he himself has never felt anything similar to it. He said that he would be willing if I found a way for him to feel the energy that I feel. Is there a sure way that I can have him feel it so he can understand? Thanks, (Sober) Gino
  3. I feel that this is the first time I can give knowledge that is actually useful. Careful, it's long-- When I first came to this site I was interested in Kunlun and I kept on reading about it and how fast people just "opened up" at the seminars. I was really interested and so I bought the book and practiced Kunlun once a day for five days. Each time I practiced, I either felt like nothing happened (my knees bounced but it felt like it was because of physiological reasons - strain in the muscles, not spiritual) or dizzy as hell. One time I felt like someone stuck their fist in my stomach and kept it there for a day. I felt horrible and gross. Within a week I tried to go back to it but something felt wrong and off about the whole thing so I still avoided it. I completely dropped the practice and just floated around on this website reading some of the posts and I finally looked up Kundalini after all this hub-bub about how its harmful to mix Kunlun and Kundalini. The more that I read, the more sense everything that I felt or experienced became. I finally realized that for the better half of my life, my Kundalini was awakened and I've been harmfully experimenting with it (are there any good resources for Kundalini-awakened peeps? - PM me) I never brought up any of the symptoms to my parents save only the ringing in my ears that I've recently went to an EMT about just to see if all of this was true. He stated that my hearing is normal and that I don't appear to have medical issue. He stated that the only probable cause for my ringing was that I was picking up on extra-ordinarily high pitched sounds emitting from electrical equipment. I visited him again to test for hearing after six months and in the sound proof room that they test for hearing which have only connectors for headphones, the ringing started again and soon disappeared. He threw his hands up and said that he doesn't know what's "wrong' with me but that I'm medically fine. It's nice knowing what I've been experiencing for about 7~8 years of my 19 year old life but at the same time frightening that something really horrible can happen to me because of it. From my experience, if you have awakened Kundalini, I can say try it once but if you physically feel sick or feel, like intuition, that something is wrong or off, drop it and contact a knowledgeable person before continuing. However, I am just a simple man who is just talking from experience not knowledge and still doesn't have a practice. Listen to the other guys first before listening to me because I really don't know much at all.
  4. Chakra Test

    I guess I have to work on my "sacral" chakra...I have no clue what that is. Results: Root: open (19%) Sacral: under-active (0%) Navel: open (38%) Heart: open (56%) Throat: open (50%) Third Eye: open (63%) Crown: open (44%) The only thing I don't understand is that it states that my third eye is open. I have a very strong and correct intuition yet I can't see qi in other people.
  5. Kunlun Level 1

    I wish that Max was coming to the East coast. I really want to go to a seminar but again, plane tickets are expensive and I'm just a college kid. It would be great if Max could come to my university (OSU) since, as the largest university in the nation, there would be no issues filling the seminar up, there is plenty of space, and the university is extremely supportive of religious diversity. Besides, I feel that many students are too stressful and need a way to relax, purify their bodies, and simply feel more spiritual. I speak from experience (not personal, just observation) when I say that my generation is without limits in whatever they do (especially drinking). My own reflections on the practice: I've practiced Kunlun I only three times so far and I've had great results. I have done some basic meditation and Tai Chi when I was a senior in high school (yay religion class!) however nothing has felt like Kunlun. I've been trying to incorporate time into my schedule to practice for Kunlun an hour and a half however I haven't really been successful. I agree with the book, don't expect to "feel" the energy on the first try. It's really more of a struggle of getting into the right mindset for everything to do its magic especially if you haven't done any type of mediation before. On my first try, I felt a urge to bounce my left leg (that's all) yet on the second try, my legs bounced like mad. I started to smile and feel happy since I have never felt spontaneous movement before. I also felt like my legs were lighter as if they were walking on cushions of air after practice. Kunlun remarkably different and I like it. --Gino EDIT: How do you pronounce Kunlun properly?
  6. Chi Balls, Energy Spheres, Cirlces

    How does one gain the eyes to see qi balls? I'm assuming it has something to do with the third eye but I could be wrong.
  7. Too much Yang?

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to take mwight's advice and engage in standing and sitting meditation. I'm not too keen on doing self acupuncture. Pietro, if you can find a way, thanks in advance. I want to start practicing Taoism. I know from reading these forums that I must read the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching. But what else? Where do I start? There seems to be no clear way on how to start practicing. I stress that I can't afford purchasing books so please recommend websites instead. EDIT: Still recommend books because I may be able to borrow them. Thanks. Gino
  8. Too much Yang?

    Just a note: Excuse my descriptions, I have very little knowledge of qi. I have been "recreationally" moving qi throughout my body and testing how much I can "pump" my qi up through simple exercises. I've been doing these things since I first felt qi (I was 12) and since then, physical feelings associated with qi have grown stronger and feel better. However, it hasn't been till this year that I gained knowledge of Taoism and qi. However, having read the KoHsuan's "Zhuan Zhuang and Chakras" thread, I think I've been the cause of my anxiety and more problems I'm unaware of: these exercises I have been doing has caused my body to become mostly yang since I don't do anything with my qi. These two quotes really struck home: What are the "future problems" of a body becoming to yang and how do I know if my body is mostly yang? More importantly, what can I do to stop this? Thanks, Gino
  9. beancurdturtle & zenb: Thanks. I just hope that I can offer as much as everyone else. cat: I do not have a teacher to work with and I haven't really looked for books on this issue. My high school teacher simply introduced Taoism and focused much more on Eastern medicine. However, we had a day where we practiced some basic T'ai Chi Ch'uan and learned about Qi. I loved every minute of it and afterwards I never felt better. I haven't been able to practice since then because I do not know how to perform T'ai Chi Ch'uan but I will reverse this soon enough. 和平 Gino
  10. Hello everyone. I do not know how to describe it but, I stopped limiting myself to Catholicism about early this year when I was introduced to Taoism by my high school religion teacher. I just graduated from a Catholic high school and thus, I was exposed to essentially all major religions. A long story short: I began to feel Qi when I was 12 (shortly after Easter in 2000) but I never understood or knew what it was. It started out as just feeling magnetism between my hands but now, it is a lot more confusing and I hope to clear it all up here in these forums since I do not have access to a master. I have a lot to learn, understand, and most importantly experience and I hope a lot of you here who have already traveled the journey I am about to make, will help me make my own self-discoveries. 和平 (peace), Gino