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  1. Spirtual Renewal Week

    ive posted this in meditation-mantra and homosanctus already, but do to doubt that anyone will be willing, im posting it here 2 Alright, i want to know if someone here would be willing to take time to renew our spirits in God... and then expand their minds and challenge their ignorence. Details: When: Feb. 9- 13 Time: Not possitive yet, i think 8:50 - 9:15 every day... get outa bed u lazy bums, lol jk City: Harrisonburg State: Virginia School: Eastern Mennonite High School... A GPS probally wont find it, but it will probally pick up on the University, which is right next to it Size: around 350 people... dont get stage fright now I'm looking for someone who is willing to pay for both ways, since my parents keep tight track of my money (but i would pay if i could). Alright, i think thats everything, look forward to possibly meeting one of you Update: It looks promising cause I talked to people on the chapel planning commity, and they said they were planning on watching a movie, so im sure they would like a real person over technology If u dont want to do a whole week, u can always do just one day, regular chapel is i think 15 min. long and u only have 2 speak 1 day, of course u could always ask to speak for more than one day, but the days probally wont be back to back
  2. Hey :)

    hey, i'm new to this whole taoism thing, ive been learning about chi, qigong, tao, etc. 4 about 2 months... im 16 and my parents are hardcore mennonites so i have 2 do everything in secret (hense the name black-sheep), I still love God, but since learning i feel more in the light (hense light), though ive been trying to think about how 2 tell em im a taoist... Ill have a lot of questions, so bear w/ me Light black-sheep