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  1. True Norwegian Black Metal

    I actually read a webpage by a satanist who was defining some of the nuances of satanism as he saw them. The idea was not to embrace negativity but rather the other half of a fictional dualism which is often shunned. Basically it was about accepting shame, guilt and doubt as the path to knowing them and being free from them when one has become more evolved spiritually. Obviously this doesn't reflect all or perhaps even many of the world's Satanists but it's damn hard to disagree with. Of course Lightbringer actually translates to Latin as Lucifer so I could be a bit biased
  2. What is your personality type

    I have gotten so many different types over the years but these days I get constant ENFJs with very similar percentages. I do dislike some of the questions though given their yes or no format. Ie. You are more interested in a general idea than in the details of its realization. I put no because that is untrue but that leaves me asking if that is interpreted as being more interested in the details. I happen to be AS interested in the idea as its implications. Anyways, this one gave the expected though judging seems a bit higher than usual for me. ENFJ Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging Strength of the preferences % 44 62 12 28 Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Nick Nolte, Tony Blair, Katharine Graham Uhhh...awesome list of famous personalities haha. I guess I'll just pretend I'm an ENTJ and say I'll be as rich as Bill Gates

    Any feedback? It's always nice to hear thoughts from folks outside the community.

    The name and domain for this place has been updated to now. For anyone interested in studying enlightenment, meditation and awareness free from dogma and open to all approaches, I encourage you to come by! Also feel free to leave comments here regarding your thoughts on the forum so others can get an idea of what it's like. Thanks Edit: Updated original post and thread name.

    Hello all, I don't post here tons and am a fairly new member but I would like to invite you all to another forum. It's run by a good friend of mine with a rich history in Yogic teachings. However his forum is quite special in that it maintains a view free from dogmatic tendencies. It is not exceptionally focused on any particular tradition but rather inquiry into the nature of ourselves regardless of background. For anyone who is looking for a new resource in their search for enlightenment, awareness, God or happiness I would highly suggest it. For those who simply want to pop in for a different take on things, I'd be shocked if you didn't end up staying
  6. A Fundamental Buddhist Concept

    Egos aren't the cause of much besides confusion. Egos are no more the cause of birth than they are the cause of the seasons. Birth is the necessary way which spiritual beings manifest into the material world. Egos are simply karma. If you have no karma, birth will bring no more of it than you already had because it is not a particular thing to be quantified but an attitude. Karma is not the cause and effect of natural laws but our reaction to them. When these reactions are based on fear, they find a home in our subconscious. As a group label for all these unconscious reactions, we simply use Ego.
  7. What is the ego?

    Never could either, but it's the dishonesty of that situation that I don't like. Now when my girlfriend is interested in expressing her bisexuality and women are throwing themselves at us rather than just her or me...Well, we'll see.
  8. What is the ego?

    How does sleeping with a disciple end up making him corrupt? Maybe he simply had seen that he needed to explore his karma with a sexual relationship. I think it's a sign that growth was needed simply because he was not honest about his choice, but corrupt? Just because it's your personal taboo (or more likely a socially imposed one you subscribe to), doesn't matter. We all have our karma that no one else can fully comprehend. Me, I may end up in a relationship with a couple women because that's where my and my girlfriend's karma seems to lie. It's not something people like, but good for them. It's not their karma. In the end, I may go "This isn't for me anymore" or "There really is something good about this" but I'll never know unless I do it. And my karma will not be resolved until I put myself in that situation.
  9. I never thought in a million years, that I, the pseudo-Hindu guy, would be the first to say this. Maybe it's all just a bit too obvious for the Taoists, but obviously the parts of Taoism that you should be applying to everyday life are...wait for it... All of them! Whatever your beliefs, if they aren't integrated into your everyday life, then clearly you aren't living a life with a lot of integrity. If you act like everyone else, then you're not living by your conscious ideals but the ones you've chosen subconsciously (as most people do). To live with your beliefs consciously known to you is to live in the present moment. If you choose Taoism, great. If you choose Hinduism, that's great too. Whatever you choose doesn't matter as long as it's right for you and you live by it fully. Maybe you'll find some bizarre bastardization of everything works for you, but at least you've chosen and a life of choice will eventually mean a life filled with truth. Then beliefs are pointless
  10. A Fundamental Buddhist Concept

    The cause of suffering is the ego. Birth does not create the ego. The teachings of others, misinterpretations of events by the child and ignorance cause the creation of an ego as a defense mechanism for those enslaved by fear. If the world lacked people who propagated fear (creating more fear through their own fear-based actions), then children could live and resolve karma happily without ego resistance.
  11. What is (romantic) love?

    Self-love is very important, but if you're ever going to avoid the heartbreak when neediness sneaks it's way into your relationships, you have to realize something else: Love DOES come from other people. It's APPROVAL which should only come from within. When enlightened, you will have all the love you will ever need, but having good people in your life is key to getting there. Love people for their perfect bits, those glimpses of the perfect man and woman and soon you'll see those perfect bits are part of ever-changing, perfect wholes. Love others, and you'll have more love returned to you than you'll know what to do with. For example, what you remember loving in that dream wasn't a human woman but the very essence of femininity itself. Ultimately, it's what every man loves in each woman. If you love the femininity of your partners rather than their transient qualities, then it allows for a successful relationship. There is no heartbreak, no falling out of love, because what you love is always there. Love can change forms, and sometimes individuals grow apart, but there is such a thing as a happy, mutual break up. So it's all good news, you can learn to love fully without getting hurt, and you can find that perfectness in each woman. Eventually, with enough time and enough nurturing of that femininity in a particular woman, the baggage drops away and you're left with just love and happiness. Edit: Ever write something then read it and feel like you had nothing to do with writing it? Maybe I wrote this more for myself... I swear it's not narcissism!
  12. A Fundamental Buddhist Concept

    I'd like to know how you've decided that I'm relying on what I hear or read rather than experience. It seems like you've jumped the gun a bit. To be honest, your tone comes off as quite condescending, like you're lecturing a child. This isn't compassion, it's an ego game to feel holier than thou. And I don't do my Vipassana during a little 2 month vacation. I observe myself constantly in the real world. Personally, I think this ascetic mindset that the only place for "real" growth is in some cave or in the mountains is a load of crap. Running from the real world is a result of discomfort with it. A calm mind with no one to challenge you, expose your weaknesses or make you really think isn't a calm mind at all. Higher states can be reached than that. Try to extend what you have learned about yourself in quietude to the bustling, noisy world and then let ME know what you think about this.
  13. What is (romantic) love?

    +1 for this guy. It really is that simple. Keep looking at what you're doing, what you're thinking, what you're feeling (and what others are doing/thinking/feeling) when it comes to relationships and they become clearer and clearer (and subsequently easier). It's like being in a labyrinth and expecting to be able to see straight from the beginning to the end. You'll just end up trying to look through walls. Instead, focus on getting yourself to the next corner, then look towards the next.
  14. A Fundamental Buddhist Concept

    The Buddhist idea of no ego is not so much that it does not exist, but rather that it doesn't have to exist. You must choose to have an ego. Something that you can just will out of existence is only existent in a broader sense of the word. However, Buddhists leave me irritated more often than not because these things are not explained very well. For example, you start with thinking "Why do we have an ego?" and every traditional Buddhist answer leaves you going "But why?" until finally you get "The ego does not exist". Suddenly you are stonewalled with generalization. It's a bit of a cop out, and I feel this has less to do with the way of the Buddha and more to do with the structure of the "ism". Keep trucking away and you'll end up with a much clearer version of things that are part Hindu, part Buddhist, part everything but also different from what is often taught in all those traditions.