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  1. Daniel Ingram Talks

    Thank you for that - I just watched the first video - I own Ingrams book also available for free download by the author here http://www.interactivebuddha.com/mctb.shtml This mans perspective is refreshing - He demystifies Insight meditation and meditation in general - He believes in having goals and knowing what specific attainments are and how to accomplish them - It is like learning any other skill - there are things that work - there are attainments and levels of mastery -
  2. Tzolkin Calculator

    Hey This is a cool place that shows the tzolkin calendar this is an interlocking calendar of 20 base signs and 13 tone signs based on the day - So a person depending on the day they are born can fall into 260 different possiblities - Each day has specific energies as well - Very interesting - Curious as to if people feel the characteristics shown reflect them - You can enter your birthday as well as check the energy for the specific day http://www.maya-portal.net/tzolkin
  3. Weightlifting and cultivation

    I have a feeling that intention and balance - moving energy - emotions - subtle shifts in posture as well as effort while lifting also play a huge part but still playing with all of this
  4. Weightlifting and cultivation

    Hey this is a great post - I saved it as well for inspiration and information - Thank You! I am curious what are the long term side effects of hard lifting? - Are you now toning down the intensity of your workouts or have you found that you can maintain your strength on only a few workout a month now that you have built your base? I lifted hard in the past and got very strong and explosive - and also imbalanced - I have another plan now - I have been doing rooting exercises where I hold different postures with my legs spread - I do bodyweight exercises and stretching - I am doing sprints up hills and playing basketball - I am trying to do these movements in a relaxed manner and not in a jerky all out manner to create more energetic balance - If I do do squats again I will try to do them in a relaxed happier way - I used to do every set all out like my life depended on it and this seems very draining to the adrenals and body vitality in general - this is my problem with lifting - it does not seem to be extremely invigorating after doing it at least in the manner people traditionally lift - although my training style is generally all out - fiery and emotional -
  5. Hey Thanks for the experiences - I guess I was looking for people who have acually done it - who acually have been able to maintain a low calorie intake and be functional - energetic - vibrant - Have sexual energy and engage in physical activity - Are there balanced happy humans who are able to live on even relatively low calories - Thanks
  6. Hey - I am looking for personal experiences of people who have a mediation practice or energy practice and who also are relatively physically active - I have heard it is possible to reduce calories to the 500 a day range but in my experience this is just not practical - I can survive on 1600 calories a day but generally I start looking like a Skinny Indian Yogi and it just does not seem healthy to me - Realistically I need around 2500 calories a day at least although I do tend to be on the ectomorphic side anyway - I am wondering if anyone here who is consistently physically active is acually able to keep a low level of food and be healthy and happy and functional in the world and what practices you do Thanks
  7. Tantra, Cultivating sexual energy

    Ok that post rocked and just explained a lot Not just my relationships but in everyday life - I often take on a Kareeza state while playing basketball - I used to play passionately the way all males play in intense games - But it is so painful now and draining of a ton of energy so now I am completely not doing and relaxed and breathing deep and good posture - and I move often effortlessly - the energy moves me first- Thus if I stay at a 7 or 8 I never get out of breath where if I go up to a 9 0r 10 I get out of breath and it takes me much longer to recover from exercise - my emotions are in an upheaval state - I lose clarity - do not react from clear seeing but from addiction to hormones and desires - Yes I am still talking about playing basketball - There is a ton more to it though - It helps to let go of ego - to be satified - patient - not FIXATED on a goal - I noticed that giving to someone else in basketball like setting a pick or being generous with a pass has the same effect as doing this in real life or even sexually - It takes your mind off yourself and getting your needs met and the suffering and dissatisfaction inherent in this - There is no need to prove yourself - no need to dominate someone else - no need for posturing - just relaxation - joy comes from the execution and learning strategy and improving oneself without comparisons save for being inspired by what another has achieved in self development - This is a refinement process I believe - training both the hormonal systems and nervous systems as well as the belief systems ( What beliefs are helpful and valueable in this current environment? ) Glen Morris has great advice - Keep Going - Keep Playing! This stuff can be so fun with a light heart - we can do and learn so much as humans - we dont have to buy into belief systems we can find the truth - we can invent better ones !
  8. Tantra, Cultivating sexual energy

    Very good video thanks !
  9. Nah this is very real - It is not a disorder to make good choices - it is a disorder to be obsessively fixated on something - something that may or may not have any grounds in reality and causes a great deal of suffering to the person doing it - Treating food dogmatically and with rigid rules is very different from a healthy integrated lifestyle -
  10. Alan Moore on Art and Shamanism

    Thanks that rocked! Love Alan Moore - Have you read Promethea?
  11. Masturbation and the Law of Attraction

    You know I guess they do have a choice - or they have the ability to discern actions and intents that lead to different results but they only have this ability if they have sincerely looked at consequences for actions by observing themselves and their environment accurately - - I mean without a basis in what is acually a virtuous action we are all just blowing in the wind like leaves - I mean that is why almost EVERYONE is confused - I believe people want to do whats "right" - It is not about getting what one wants because I believe everyone gets what the really focus on and really want - the buddha said something to the effect of you become what you think all day long - The problem is having the wisdom to know what is really valueable - or maybe that is what a real master can do - he can see truth - Or the more developed one gets the higher up perspective one attains - Like going farther and farther out from a situation you can see more thus actions that would appear to be haphazard - random - are acually very important - "God works in mysterious ways" - Maybe not so mysterious if one perceived more - But back to they have no choice - Choice is valueable when one discerns a better outcome and decides consciously so is one who chooses an action without a second thought like looking at a picture even making a choice ? They are just responding - Is one who is controlled by demons and doesnt even see the demons exist acually evil? Well not really - they are just a slave who doesnt even know they are a slave - A good teacher well I think a teacher can inspire by passion but maybe a good teacher can also wield many tools whether it is energetics or reason or a well placed kick to free slaves - Maybe this person is an artist - his scalpel is his words - they provide a gift tailored specifically to the one who receives them and this gift allows him a glimpse of a demon - or allows him the ability to DISCERN - With that being said I dont think words are the only way to get at this -and there is a big danger to even talking about surface actions and there consequences because intent and what one is and is creating internally means so much - so really there is no judge - we have so much power - censoring ones thoughts is not the answer - It is sincerely thinking about a philosophy of what leads to good outcomes and integrating this into ones being with actions and observations and constantly refining this based on an everchanging external and internal situation But another interesting question is determining what is a good outcome - well for me it is what uplifts and develops the human spirit - Alan Moore had a good quote - something to the effect of "We sell ourselves for so little " - I dont think people would be so ready to sell themselves if they were in touch with what they really had
  12. Masturbation and the Law of Attraction

    Yes you know and it would seem a vision of what one wants to create or what is valueable and worth creating is very helpful here - But it is not as simple for me as simply refraining from the dark side - Recognition of what really uplifts the human spirit and creates consciousness - It feels like one must really get there hands dirty sometimes - A philosophy and gameplan in place - but it has to be ones own personal philosophy developed and integrated with ones observations of the current reality in which one lives in - So ok what do we want to make today ? What prevents us from being benevolent creators who have a helluva good time - who create more complex more fun systems - Hmmmm well illusions about death and destruction - Fear of Loss - Greed - Buying into a social philosophy that is not ones own based on deeply integrated values and observations - Not having the biological capacity to perceive what is really happening - to perceive accurately - How does own develop grace if one does not have it ? How does one keep it?
  13. Masturbation and the Law of Attraction

    Ok well I believe a lot of this has to do with where you come from - Are ya a hungry ghost ? Can you self generate juice? - It is easy to be generous when one doesnt buy into a mentality that one needs to get something from someone else - I believe in terms of raw juice being the object of desire can be an energetic boon to the person being the object - Why do woman dress is seductive ways? Lots of energy - Some woman feed off of this- A lot of celebs probably feed off this - I think a good way to judge when masturbating is asking yourself what am I creating - We are always creating - Woman like men who dont want to suck them If people want to suck you and you are very sensitive - yet not out of the matrix yet and dont have a sense of who you are and where others begin - and insecure........ The take home message for me is learn to self generate energy Take Personal Responsiblity - Be generous and open as much so for yourself as others because what great freedom there is in in just being able to laugh because you are secure with yourself and have juice to spare and dont have to engage in subtle machinations - Lots of this stuff is subtle so to me it is about being aware what one is creating - With that being said I like to look at pictures of beautiful women and appreciate their beauty Woman are beautiful They feel great In regards to consent well it would seem that is some ways there is no consent - everyone is dancing to forces- One looks at a picture of someone masturbating and they dont give consent but the person doing the looking is being controlled by another force - What are we at then - developing awareness - perceiving accurately - training the mind - Can a concept like be kind and generous acually help one out if the person doesnt acually investigate for themselves whether kindness and generosity uplift the human condition? Is there anyone who is completely honest about their reality?