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  1. Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi ! thanks for the reply and welcome. I was going to send you a note when I saw that you were from Zancudo. I've been reading a book by John Howells, "Choose Costa Rica for Retirement" and I'm learning a lot about the different areas. They all sound so good its hard to say where I might go. Of course, I'll be coming down for a visit or two before making any decisions, but I am so excited about the possibilities. ! Hey, when I looked up Zancudo on Google Earth it places it in the north Caribbean region, BUT when I do a Google regular search it talks about (Playa Zancudo on the southern Pacific coast? So I am a little confused about just where you might be? I will admit that the central highlands, with year round temps around seventy, sounds very appealing nevertheless. Again, thanks so much for the message. I look forward to hearing from you when you have a chance. Namaste, richard
  2. My motto, signature and guide to daily living "It's Never to Late To Do Nothing !" And a couple from my late wife: "Where will we be when we get to New Haven ?" "How would I know, I've been gone since I left"
  3. Hello from Pennsylvania

    What a nice surprise to discover this site ! And the connection with Costa Rica is very interesting because I have just begun considering moving there. Will visit often and learn from all of you Gassho / \