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  1. Dr Sha?

  2. Dr Sha?

  3. Dr Sha?

    For anyone trying to sort through what this is all about, a concise and factual article on Zhi Gang Sha is on Wikipedia: Wikipedia Article on Zhi Gang Sha An archived copy has been saved here in the event it is vandalized: Archived Copy
  4. Dr Sha?

    ok ok, ive been trying to avoid becoming engaged, but here goes... It is a challenge to find the balance between 'let be what is' and speaking out ... but I've seen too much wrong to stay silent and thus began posting information on Dr Sha to inform the innocent, as well as get feed back to help sort my own way through the mess (thank you Yoda, you're posts are excellent). Yes we each need to find our own way and are on our own path - its a question about at what time we recieve the lessons. This is not about putting others down, its about informing the innocent: we and they are on a path too (your path lead you to read this...) However I cannot share my personal information (i.e. personal story) as it involves a number of others close to me who's privacy I need to respect, and/or because there may be dissapointment to know of my postings because their sense of forgiveness doesn't allow for speaking out. Lets just say this: it involves over $200k to Dr Sha and an especially yet needlessly difficult death (all medical treatment avoided in lieu of 'downloads'....Dr Sha capitalizes on western fear of death afterall). And really, my story doesnt matter (there are lots of other stories or observations from others on the forums now anyway) as people shouldn't decide based on other's experiences, but based on what they feel within (provided they have access to all the information). There is also some fear of backlash from Dr Sha and his business team as he has stated very strongly that he will 'protect the Mission'. For one, I dont wish apon my self any 'badspeak' Sha is known to say about those who dont support the mission. But also he has a strong legal team and the money to fund it - I dont wish to be part of some sort of Gentle Winds Project court case (as "enlightening" as that would be ;-) Anyway, to thus maintain my anonymity, I created a separate accounts just for my postings on Dr Sha, and chose the name anonymous to make it clear I would like to remain so. I've also posted on other forums as "real servant" , which was just an 'anti' to Dr Sha's use of the term 'Universal Servant'. I have no affiliation of any kind, being an open-minded spiritual seeker who has experimented with a number of belief systems, enough to know where some pitfalls can mess with the benefits*. (* I would highly reccommend Elizabeth Lesser's book, "A Seekers Guide" for so elequently capturing some of these issues, some of which are so rampant within Dr Sha's organization, and yet providing a balanced view on the benefits of spiritual seeking and making 'discoveries' along the way.) I should also qualify: I feel sorry for Dr Sha and his top followers -they are not outright trying to run a scam, but their ego's have self deluded themselves to the point of really believing they have a monopoly on the Divine's direct wishes, which of course then justifies anything and everything. One day the light at the end of the tunnel is going to be an uncoming train. I hope they see the real light before then. I hope that answers your questions.
  5. Dr Sha?

    and posting information on Dr Sha's latest book campaign. in Dr Sha's message about the book campaign, he states: But wait!...there is one last chance for karma cleansing. Buy thousands of dollars worth of his books, and he will give you the "last chance for karma cleansing ever on mother earth". and this guy is worried about my karma? Links attached as pdfs for posterity. book_campaign.pdf Dr_Sha_message_about_book_campaign.pdf
  6. Dr Sha?

  7. There is ongoing dicussion at the following thread (one of Master Sha's 13 Worldwide representatives passed away) click here for Link to other TaoBums thread
  8. Dr Sha?

  9. So the Wired article blog has been taken down. I have uploaded a saved copy attached to this post. Direct Link to saved copy of Dr Sha Wired Article Blog Here are some of the better more recent postings that arent already copied above: wired_blog_copy.htm
  10. I hear you - I have been faced with my partner hiding her activities and money spent from me - in the name of the Divine - afterall, she is a "chosen one", and I am just a member of 'the public' that 'won't understand'. and so I have been struggling with allowing myself to acknowledge my truth by simply telling the story in these posts... yes, Karma is a bitch...
  11. Dr Sha?

    the conversation has been centralized/continues at: Link to forum
  12. Dr. Sha = mixed feelings

    the conversation has been centralized/continues at: Link to forum