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  1. verdesi turtle video

    is this video available without the russian translation? its hard to just understand verdesi...
  2. vipassana / Goenka.. retreat thoughts

    I think it's very possible to learn just the method during such a goenka retreat without worshipping him... How could someone worship him, when nobody is allowed to speak? :-)
  3. vipassana / Goenka.. retreat thoughts

    hey, don't expect too much if you never did a vipassana course. most beginners in meditation doing it the first time end their practise right after the 10 days course :-) but also if you are serious with it, its just an introduction into the technique of vipassana, which is indeed a great one if this your type of meditation.... but it's a tough experience....but worth doing it.... never had the impression that people worshipping goenka in these courses, they had enough to deal with theirselves..... have fun...
  4. Don't Eat Pork....

    liverflushing.... how sure are you that the green "stuff" is coming out of your liver? it's such a disgusting procedure....
  5. mantak chia?

    start with the inner smile... thats one of the best relaxation techniques (which is one of the most important prerequisite to meditation) i've ever learnt. i think its not the best response to say dont practise his stuff, when somebody is requesting him... he is a very good start to the realm of meditation (probably not the end, but... ;-)
  6. Z-health

    would also be great to get some insights what kind of exercises zhealth is teaching.... just simple joint movement stuff?
  7. lol
  8. RAVE diet

    but also doesnt mean in gerneral that smoking and junk food are really bad. sry, i didnt mean appearances at all, i mean they are less sick. but its hard to discuss that in any way.
  9. better posture

    hi i know this site here looks like a pure business website, but i watched the free exercise they offer and i think its really a worthwile exercise.... so did anybody tried their complete system? or are there good suggestions websites with similar exercises for free or maybe some books? regards
  10. RAVE diet

    hi lapacho tea shall have lots of colloidal iron. according b12...cheese of sheep shall be the easiest to digest for humans (goat as well i think) .... instead of cow cheese. when i read the stuff here i remember max's diet......burger and so on i guess i'll never get the point with this whole food story...i know people eating super healthy and look terrible, and people who eat what they want, who never heard about cholesterol and look pretty good. so raw food is also not always the best for everybody cheers
  11. the importance of the neck

    i've never seen that, at least not in germany.... but, ok. thank you
  12. the importance of the neck

    whats the difference between a white and red wine cork? :-)
  13. hi iam sure you've still heard music that opened your heart, that let you feel expanse, let you fly, maybe let you feel sentimental or melancholic....but there is music which never is getting boring, also when you hear it 20 times in repeat mode.... i would like to open a tread where everbody who wants can contribute his top 5 or top 10, depending how much music tracks you know which went to your heart and opened you up.... i'll begin.... (unfortunately all the tracks which did it to me were tracks from soundtracks, so i cant tell you the exact names of the tracks, but i will tell you what position they have in the soundtrack) so here i go: 1. Lord of the rings 1, track 2, 17, 18 2. Pirates of the caribbean 1, track 2 3. Breaveheart, track 17 4. Legends of the fall, track 2, 3 5. Amelie, track 4 6. barfoot, track 2, 16 7. kill bill 2, track 9 regards lao
  14. the importance of the neck

    its a really complex topic, i dont know that much about it, but some points what NO does: the normal functions of NO in the body are for example: it lowers the blood pressure through vessel dilatation. --> relieves the heart NO in the immune cells is part of the imune system and kills bacteriums and parasites and so on. NO in nerve cells plays a role as neurotransmitter in the brain. NO in mitochondria regulates the oxigen consumption in the cell. when you have a continuous inflamation (which you have, if you believe kuklinski, when you have an instability of the neck) than there is too much NO in the body. if you have permanently too much NO in the body the body doesnt produce new NO for the processes i described above, because the body think, there is still enough. for example the inflamation NO disables the production of NO for the vessels. in the worst case that can cause a cardiac infarction. also NO leads to an increase of cholesterin, which contributes to the process... too much NO creates Citrullin, which needs to break down, but as it is too much it connects with proteins especially in the joints....the rest you can imagine.... through another complicated chemical process it disturbs the metabolism of the thyroid. and an important point in his therory is that too much NO leads to mitochondropathy, where the mitochondria are damaged or destroyed, so that the energy production cant take place. and logical, the neck is not the only important part of the body....a strong back and abdomen contribute to a proper alignment of the neck and a good stucture in general as well, i said this. i only mentioned that the neck maybe is the weakest part of the body, easy to harm also through relatively harmless accidents and for me it made a difference to strenghten the neck (and i also did strenghtening exercises for other body parts, like situps, pilates moves and so on before....) iam wondering if somebody here tried out devices like i mentioned to restore a normal neck curve....does that make sense?? regards lao
  15. hi the last time i was thinking about the importance of the neck in the body. there are several guys who identified the neck as one of the major causes of health problemes, i think, especially in europe. therapies like atlasprofilax (and thats only one of many, like atlas therapy after arlen, ... ) developed in europe which claim to adjust the atlas to the right position for the rest of your life. (i dont believe it, but who knows....) hey there were also guys in usa who seem to be really familiar with chiropractic, but especially about this topic about the neck i found nothing as profound as kuklinski in germany. kuklinski is a guy who claim that a lot of chronical diseases are caused by a traumatic event to the cervical spine. doesent matter what kind of accident somebody had (like falling from a horse, a batch to the head; every accident goes to the weakest part of the body, the neck) the effect is an instability of the neck, which leads to problemes you never would identifiy with the neck. (attention: i only tell you theories of kuklinski!) the process he's explaining is really profound, i can't tell it all around (here are 2 german sources: the main theory is, that an instability of the neck, maybe caused by a simple accident, creates many symptomes you never assumed that they are realeted to the neck. his therapy suggestions are mainly strenghening of the neck, correction of the spine (like dorn therapy, osteopathy, and stuff like that) and vitamine therapy (mitochondrial medicine) (a main part of his therapy is, that he claims, that neck instability causes the production of NO (nitric oxide) (...which is treatable with a program of supplements, where he have a rigorously plan.) one of his main discoveries is, that vitamin b12 stop the production of NO, which is mainly caused by neck instability as he claims). the plan of him is that you start one week with vit. b12, then one week minerals (trace elements and electrolytes like k, mg, zn, se, fe), then vitamines (b group, e, c, d, k), then omega 3 acids, then coenzym q10..... (the important part he claims is, that you take the vitamins in that order, because some of the vitamines need others to absorb themselves.) whatever, i think stabilisation of the neck can also play an important role in taoist meditation or meditation at all. approximately the neck is one of parts of the body taoists speaking about the 3 gates. (mco and that stuff) if you take supplements or not (kuklinskis's theory is really profound), doesnt matter, but stabilitstation of the neck may make a difference in your meditation practise, especially when you stay long time before a computer.... (also when you don't meditate :-) i tried it out and it felt like opening up the nervous system. it seemed to be the missing part of the energetic integrity (maybe i discovered my weakness....), but since i did the exercises i'll present (btw...also exercises like the contraction of the pelvic floor, which creates an upward flow of chi through the spine got more naturally and freely), it seemed to open up my energetic system fully. so the neck seem to be a part of the body lot of people seem to have problemes with, so its worthwhile to look at it. a really good start point you can make, is, to start stabilising your neck (also when you're doing neck mobility exerises like scott sonnon's ---- neck mobility is only possible with neck stability and strenght!!! and by the way, i find scott sonnons exercises maybe a little bit stressy for the neck, but thats only my opinion : this website shows exercises which are maybe contraproductive to your neck) good exercises to stabilise the neck are the following: but there are lots of isometric (and others) exercises to find in the www.....another really important one is retraction (thats the movement when you make a double chin and go to the back...hold it for 5-10 secounds and then release......) when you do that kind of exercises (mind my words: the neck is maybe the most instabile part of the body!) you will annul the process of creating NO and other chemical by-products which are created by an instabile neck. another problem lots of people have is a contraction of the short muscles of the neck like showed here: in american websites a probleme which is also really often mentioned is the loss of the cervical curve, really interesting indeed. lots of products are on the us-marked to remove a loss of cervical curve like that: or cheap chinese products, which also relax the deep short neck muscles like: or products like that: like i said, maybe the neck is my main problematic part....but i dont seem to be an exeption.... there are even more products out there to maintain the cervical curve or strech the neck, but the most important part, in my opinion is, to stabilise the neck with exercises! (attention: loss of neck curve may also come from other parts of the muscular stabilisation of the abs and the back also can be benefitual (maybe pilates or something like that....) and contribute to the stabilistation of the neck.... i did good experiences with it, maybe you want to contribute something to that topic.... feel free to.... cheers lao