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  1. Always has been. Always will be thru his penis.
  2. Hunyuan Qi

    Right, you are correct, "hunyuan li" My mistake. Too early in the morning foe me. lol
  3. Hunyuan Qi

    The term hunyuan qi is used frequently in the martial art of Yi Quan, Though the meaning is more of a whole body power or a one all purpose type energy, that is mostly developed through the practice of zhan zhuang. I only watched the intro to the video, this looks like great video, I definently want to watch the rest.
  4. Fibbonacci Haiku

    Or you could just use the 61.8% rule. Each suceeding number is 61.8% larger than the previous number. Fibbonacci numbers are totally facinating.
  5. supernatural abilities...

    Those who speak of such things do not know of rhem. Those who know of such things do not speak of them. Especially on a public message board. lol
  6. Shamanic Tiger Qi Gong

    The book can be downloaded free at, eso-garden.com .
  7. Chen family Tai Ji Quan

    As far as, body types; It was the novelty of a beautiful chinese woman over 6ft tall that got me to take a good hard look at Chen Taiji. Granted, it probally had more to do with my lustful nature, more so than my eye for martial talent. And I'm sure in the right hands all styles of taiji are very powerful. I could see the power in Chen Huxian's movements, that somehow eluded my eye while seeing other taji demonstrations. Go figure. Bu
  8. Chen family Tai Ji Quan

    This is why I really like Chen Style, very powerful. I dabbled in Yang Style, years ago, and the so called "Enlightment Tai Chi" that's so popular today, but just did'nt get that much out of either. It's just kind of awe inspiring to watch women and even children demonstrate such power. Bu
  9. Chen family Tai Ji Quan

    The greatest thing going in Chen Family Tai Chi today is; "Master Chen Huixian". Beauty deadliness and grace, all wrapped up in the body of 6ft tall chinese woman. I had never really had alot of interest in any tai chi, until I saw this woman. But I'm definately hooked. My links never seem to work, so I would say google her name or check out some of videos on you tube, or check out her facebook page. I'm sure you will enjoy. Bu
  10. Why I am not against 'powers'

    I totally agree!
  11. The Tao & The Monothesitic God

    Then who or what created God?
  12. NEED A NAME!

  13. NEED A NAME!

  14. Iron Rings

    The Iron Ring must be a very secretive weapon of kung fu. I have not even been able to find any videos of people performing the weapon. All I have found are some old magazone articles from IKF dating back to the eighties. Shen Martial Arts is the only company, I can find that sells an iron ring. and at 12" in diameter, its probally to smallfor what I'm looking for. Then there's going to be the problem of finding some one to teach me the iron ring. At this point, I'm thinking maybe I should go with a Meteor Hammer as a weapon of choice. Thanks for the imput. Bu
  15. Iron Rings

    Actually, I'm going for the look the Metal Roo had in the movie "Warriors of Virtue" Now that was one cool dude! The picture above got me thinking; Hsing Yi and Hung Gar, Wow! that could be a very potent combination of kung fu styles. The raw external power of Hung Gar combined with the internal force of Hsing Yi. That could potentially create a very powerful fighter. Bu