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  1. I enjoyed that film immensely, whats wrong with it? Maybe I am a newbie? Naive perhaps? What did I miss?
  2. Any entrepreneurial bums?

    Wow thats really awesome.
  3. Building concentration with Mantra

    That is awesome, so if I use a mantra from the Book of Solomon I will connect with the richest man who ever lived and have lots of riches in my life? Awesome... Book of Solomon! On my way!
  4. The path is not easy.

    Many of you are acting like I am asking for relationship advice. I am asking for advice on applying the Tao to my relationship. All this stuff the males tend to be posting with seduction advice, and pick-up material, encouraging me to dump her, or whatever the case is entirely disconnected with the OP question. There was no mention of a loss of attraction anywhere. I know where my commitments lay. Dumping her is out of the question. We have way too much fun together just "being" to ever break up. Sitting on her and tickling her silly when she is bad is sometimes a good solution. She plays video games and ignores me when I'm bad.(Which is great because then I can play my own games without interruption. But she does not know that. Shhhhh) And I also know this is a forum on Taoism, not PUA, Mystery, Niel strauss, happy dancing single-man playa STD city w/ field report attached. Stay focused boys.
  5. Taoism and Heavy Metal Music

    All music is beautiful. People do not make music to sound bad. They make it to have fun, relax, inspire, motivate, etc... No one makes music to sound bad. All music is a very natural form of expression and there is nothing to suggest that certain kinds of music offend Taoist teachings. There may be many lyrics that do, but in terms types of music, no way. In the days of taoism they had flutes, and leather drums, and simple instruments. They did best with what they had. If they had electric guitars with distortion pedals they would be rockin' it and you know it.
  6. The path is not easy.

    Totally creepy! When I was a kid my parents would fight loud and angry before they divorced and I remember struggling to try and get them to stop fighting but I was unable to change the situation. In addition my mother was a perfectionist who rode me daily about not hanging up the towel, my coat, not putting my shoes away, etc... As a younger adult I went through my own personal struggles with my disorganization, lost friends, got in financial problems, pissed off other girlfriends and struggled with my business until I was FORCED to change habits, which I have done a very good job at. I have special methods of keeping things organized for myself and it took a lot of personal suffering to reach that point. My girlfriend is like the younger version of me. Full of fight, scatter brained. She is young, 22, and still learning to be an adult. She has not developed these skills. I was just like her at 22. So I should just take this as a joke of bad karma coming back at me and trust that she will learn the same lessons that I did and shape up. She is brilliant, so I am sure she will figure it out. But still! Close the damn bathroom drawer after you put on your make up. I walked into it and hit my groin this morning to go pee. Incredible reply you made there. Wow.
  7. What do you sleep on?

    A hard bed lets you sleep like a rock. There are stone beds of jade and other minerals... With heating elements... And people swear by them... $4k + piano movers
  8. The path is not easy.

    Everyone, you have left some very good feedback, thank you. I did speak with her about it. And how I felt hurt. She fought back. Got mad. Said fuck you you ungreatful bastard. Which I was surprised about. I pretended I didn't hear it and said "I love you, and am sorry this upsets you. You can clean up your mess and think I am an ungreatful bastard, or you can leave your mess and think I am an ungreatful bastard. Either way I am hurt by your disrespect." She responded, "Well I'm not going to clean it!" When I got home, she cleaned it and gave me a kiss and said sorry. Whoooo it was hard to stay calm. Then I said, "I am sorry too. Now make me dinner." and she gasped and we wrestled then went shopping for dinner, which she cooked. And it was good. Thanks again for the advice everyone. I am going to use some of it with future disagreements on this and other topics.
  9. My girlfriend and I had recently moved into a new apartment together. After about a month here together I am high disappointed with her. She does not care for her dog, or her other animals. I am always caring for them, for their health and happiness. She leaves horrible messes and any time I approach her about these messes it results in a heated battle. Recently I got sick of her messes and took it upon myself to wash, dry, hang up and fold, all of her clothes and organize the closet and undo her wreck in the kitchen. She was very pleased when she got home. I went to work Saturday and on my way home she called me to tell me that she was working on paperwork and that there was a mess from it and that she will clean it up. I expressed I do not have a problem with it. Why should I? But when I left to work Sunday she did not clean it up, and there is an even greater mess. Paper all over the closet, clothes on the floor, the kitchen piled up with dirty dishes. Piss smell from the dog, and a piercing rot from the garbage. Today is Monday and when she left in the morning to school she wrecked the bathroom and now everything is a mess. 3 days, several promises, and none kept. I'm very upset. How can I address this without a battle? And more importantly how do I not get totally pissed off every time this happens?!?! I understand the Tao, but how do I put it into practice? I can't help but feel rage at her disrespectful messes, and even more so her attitude when I approach her on the topic(no matter how gently).
  10. Nature is a bitch?

    Good post and you stirred a string of passion in me. Thank you. As for my response: Nature truly does not exist. Grass exists, animals exists, an ecosystem exists. But nature does not exist. Nature is a concept for how things flow in the universe from one manifestation to the next. From cavemen to internet is indeed an effect of nature and flowing with it. And the destruction to our ecosystem, the air and water, is bringing about the next stage of nature where we focus on preserving it. And as an act of nature the universe is moving us to an era of conservation as witnessed with the development of more economical cars and alternative health care. As our awareness (as a society) of how to keep a healthy body develops, as it is developing, we will move into a stage where having clean air, fresh water, and healthy food without chemicals is supreme. Behold the massive growth of the WholeFoods corporation, an act of -nature-. There are no wholefoods or farmers markets or hybrid cars out in places where the nature of money is controlled (ie north Korea where people are -still- dieing from starvation). Capitalism is the nature of money and how it will naturally flow. Resisting nature by trying to control it (ie socialism, communism, ect...) results in massive suffering. The millions of people who needlessly die for an ideal that fights against the laws of nature (how the universe flows). Can you imagine a whole foods market in Cuba? The best thing we can do is embrace nature (like the WholeFoods corporation did with capitalism) and partake in its abundance and through AWARENESS that can guide our decisions to serve our health and our longevity(which fortunately requires a healthy ecosystem too). At this moment everything is as it should be. Lets cease resisting it and move with it while bringing awareness into our lives.
  11. There are many conflicting views on breath work. I am warned by my primary (martial arts teacher) to never ever do reverse breathing under any circumstance because it damages the body.
  12. What is Suffering?

    suffering = resistance to what is.
  13. fasting

    I once did a 10 day fast. Only veggie broths and juices. Nothing with protein. I also added Spirulina tablets to balance out what I was loosing through fasting. It was an amazing experience. The first few days are tough because you miss food. After that you stop feeling hunger and are just at ease. It is very very cleansing and empowering. My skin cleared up, I had -more- energy, (but would get winded fast), I was in a vibrant mood, everything was brighter and alive. At the end of the fast no one told me that I had to ween back into food and I ate a big sausage sandwich and threw it up and then later on some pasta and threw that up too. 11 day fast!
  14. 3 kraps a day

    I agree, however I once was having irregularity so I decided to fast for ten days. Every day I had three heavy solid bowel movements of blackness. Twice in the morning once in the evening. 6am 10am and 4pm. I lost 10 pounds from that fast, and it was all fecal matter. Amazing. Even now, if I only have one meal, I will still have 3 bowel movements a day.
  15. unfinished sentences

    when looking for advice I first look for the answer within. (within a jar of cookies!) when giving advice I help the person find the answer from within. (within a bottle of Jack Daniels) when in a fight I kick ass because I am a trained weapon. when fighting more than one person I still kick ass and if it is too many people I get to my heels. when choosing a teacher I ask others if they assign a lot of stupid homework. if i meet someone and fall in love we have sex. when i have nothing to do I look at my HUGE to-do list. when i feel life is testing me I cut class and watch "Faris Bueller's Day Off" and still some how pass the test. when I have to do something that I am afraid of I do it anyway -and- get her phone number. when people don;t agree with the way I live that sucks for them.