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  1. Organ Donation

    Organ donation would not be part of a Daoists actions, traditionally when you die the body is to be destroyed.
  2. There are more people on this planet than in any other time in history (modern history), how can you say we are killing the race?
  3. Humans are not physically created to kill either, and look at us. "from Smile" I am still waiting for a reply, please explain.... Thanks
  4. Please explain this statement, I think it is very far from the truth. Is it your idea or have you been taught this?
  5. Make weapon out of chi?

    Cool and how about an invisible suit made of Chi, with wings, yeah with wings, that's the ticket.
  6. Mak_Tin_Si

    Warning, warning Will Robinson, Warning.........
  7. Positive vs. Negative Energy Projection

    I know its just semantics, however "Virtue or Virtuous" sounds better to me than "Moral or Morality". And I think I am in agreement with the two previous posts... Xie XIe
  8. Positive vs. Negative Energy Projection

    So my thinking is still that morals / morality are man made and have no absolute value. My third selection to the question above would be: Option C: Advanced qiqong achievement whilst having a soul that is living in accord with the Dao's laws and not the laws of man.
  9. Positive vs. Negative Energy Projection

    If the Dao is impartial, and morales and ethics are not absolute, and are mans creation. Why then would "enlightenment" not be as impartial as the Dao? Just thinking out loud....
  10. Taoism Knowlege - Five Ghost Obstacles

    Really, an expert? How easy it is to mislead the sheep.............
  11. Hard Times

    Stay strong my friend, maybe you should get a few CD's of the Fu fighters and play them when you need support...
  12. And let me quess..... After it landed the doors slowley opened and out walked mak tin si............. Also I agree with this: "Well I think just by definition, there is no FACT that aliens exist." There may be and there may not be, we just don't know. To assume either way is a waste of time and energy...... Let the games begin................ Quan Xie
  13. hello

    hello, I am here to learn about Dao