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  2. Dark Night of the Soul

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has some advice for a struggling Spiritual seeker undergoing an eight year dark night of the Soul. I sometimes wonder if all the efforts I`ve made have been for nothing. I`ve lost interest in trying any new techniques as they never seem to deliver anything. All I`m trying to do now is surrender as much as I can. I don`t think there`s much else I can do. I`d be grateful for some feedback here. Blessings dizzyspirit
  3. Dark Night of the Soul

    Hi Scotty, I`m a 45 year old male. I`m also a mental health patient with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In 1990 I started reading self help books which led to books on mysticism. I was so inspired reading about all the Spiritual enlightenment stuff that I more or less dumped everything else I had been interested in up to that point; I`d been losing interest in things for a while anyway, except alcohol which helped me manage with my illness, although I`ve given that up now. In 2000 after I`d been meditating for 7 years, I ended up in a mental hospital with my illness. It was in there that my dark night started. The quick results I expected from meditation didn`t appear and I started to lose hope. After that point everything in the world looked completely pointless and has been that way ever since. Now the world looks like a desert, and I spend all my time hoping and waiting for a mystical experience. I started experiencing Spiritual guidance a couple of years ago, in the form of precognitive dreams and also synchronicities. This lifted my spirits for a while, but now it seems as though it`s not enough, and I long for an awakening experience. It now seems as though I`m stuck in a bad dream which seems to have no end. I can`t imagine how anything in the world can possibly become meaningful again.
  4. Dark Night of the Soul

    Hello Everyone, I joined a little earlier. I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice. I`ve been stuck firmly in the dark night of the Soul for 8 years. A few people have advised me by email to find a Spiritual director or someone to help guide me. I`m starting to wonder if there is anything anyone can really do for me other than give moral support. Is it just a matter of sticking it out until "something happens." I`d be very grateful for some feedback here. Anything significant that anyone has to say on the dark night, or lessons learned by those who are going through it, or have been through it will be very gratefully received. Thanks dizzyspirit
  5. Hello

    Hello all. I`m dizzyspirit. I`ve just joined. I`m into all things mysticism, particularly A Course in Miracles, Taoism and Zen. Hoping to learn from you.