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  1. Guys, gals, whatever

    Hi, RG. I'm not sure about the quantities of nuclear weapons that countries have. The true number that the US has is likely to be classified above Top Secret (and the roughly equivalent level of classification in other countries for their nukes). It seems reasonable, though, that the number is generally not small among the large, developed or developing countries. Radiation poisoning (as from the water supply) will also be a big concern. Water-purification techniques will be essential to survival in this situation. My recommendation is to stay at least 40 miles from other groups of people. That's about as far as a starving person may walk in about 3 days. Without potable water to drink, 3 days is about all they'll last. This I respectfully disagree with. If propriety were somehow eliminated (I don't think it can be), the causes for war -- at least the ones sold to the public -- would simply shift. Rationales would change to meet the aims of the uppermost elite, many (most?) of whom are occultists of some sort. War is one of their most revered and powerful tools. It changes societies faster than anything else, provided that it lasts long enough. War changes boundaries, mixes genes, generates tremendous monetary profits, gives cause for introducing new technologies and harsher, more pervasive governance, etc. The Old World had its advantages, but, for better or worse, it can never be completely relived. (Not that you suggested it could!) One can learn to steer adeptly, however, within the currents of the world, never quite making the Time, yet never being completed victimized by it. Adapting -- Life must do this, no matter how painful, or it will perish. Thus the standards of sanity and insanity must of necessity change. After all, the good ol' days were once the products of change... some of it conceivably unfortunate change. But to understand the Old World is a good idea, I think. I agree that this is troubling. People grow slower while machines become smarter (or at least more powerful)... not a good mix when the divide between humans and technology becomes less and less.... If humanity continues down this path, eventually it will be too late, as a species, to turn back. Seeking convenience, prosperity, an ideal state (individual or collective), security, longevity, or power through these means -- all of it leads down, down into stagnation. Turning one's back on life is, I am tempted to say, an evolutionary dead-end, but it would probably be more accurate to say it is a path into darkness. Therefore, it will be sold and pushed onto the public as light, salvation, and what have you.
  2. How to properly thank a person

    Santi, you have a lot of heart! I like that. THANK YOU!
  3. Struggling over vasectomy... need advice.

    Hi, Oolong. It's a personal subject, to be sure, but... is there any way at all to improve the results you get with a condom? It would be, at a minimum, a short-term solution to the vasectomy issue. Part of a long-term solution could be SKF.
  4. I am not a Christian, and I have a hard time seeing how present-day, mainstream Christianity is anything like what Jesus taught. However, I think Jesus was a phenomenal mystic and healer, full of wisdom. Awesome, in my eyes, is also that he forcefully drove out the money-changers from a temple. He had the full package: in touch with mundane reality yet possessed of a tremendous power, compassion, and wisdom. I respect him for those things.
  5. the most imp thing when you're a kid

    The Buddha and the Beast, I echo vortex's words above (especially the part I put in boldface) and would also like to add some things. Like Bum Grasshopper, my childhood was characterized by abuse. This is NOT a good way to raise a kid, of course, but I am not altogether sad about having been raised this way.... In some ways, it made me weaker and more brittle, yes, but in other ways, it strengthened me and taught me self-reliance. If I wanted something done, I had to do it myself. (I learned this when no one brushed my teeth; at the age of four, my teeth were so rotted that one or two caused me sharp pain. I've been brushing them since.) I had to hide or run from wrath, and stay on my toes, etc. That said, there are certainly much, much healthier and supportive ways to raise a child. Some of my thoughts follow: 1) Teach him/her about nature, how to respect it, live in it, etc. I suggest, as a basic starter, a book like Camping and Wilderness Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book. 2) Take responsibility for the child's education. Public school in the US is catastrophically bad. The boy scouts and girl scouts aren't much better at education in their own domains. If you want your child to read well, you must take it upon yourself to augment whatever public education your child is receiving. Same goes for writing, math, and other subjects. 3) Please do NOT vaccinate your children. Vaccines are laden with the most horrible substances they can legally contain. (See for more information.) A much better defense is a strong, healthy, natural immune system, imo -- one free from pharmaceuticals. 4) Make decisions that better your health and the health of the child. (Soda pop, cotton candy, and Big Agra processed foods are not the most nutritious things to consume, for example. Another example: Fluoridated water is toxic and mind-numbing.) This requires a great deal of education.... I have no ties whatsoever to karen's website or business, but over time I have noticed that her health advice to members here is generally of a very high caliber. I have no qualms about directing you to her if you have questions relating to health. She's good. 5) Make a conscious decision to set aside time every day to spend with your child, and not grudgingly but eagerly, joyfully. This sends a powerful subconscious message to the child that he/she is loved, valued, and accepted. 6) If at all possible, breast-feed; don't bottle-feed. 7) Throw away the TV set. (Ok, ok, responsibly dispose of it; simply chucking it into a dumpster may not be such a good idea. ) It's a horrible instrument, one used for brainwashing and for the purveyance of lies -- the corporate media's and others'. There are other reasons to get rid of the TV, but for brevity's sake I will keep it at that. 8) If you can see God in yourself, how can you fail to see God in your child? Congratulations on your pregnancy. I wish you and your child the very best! Sincerely, kevin
  6. Hi, everyone. Do you have any recommendations on which cities to move to in China? I'm thinking of going there to teach English. If you have relevant experiences to share, positive, negative, or otherwise, I'd love to hear them! Thanks, kevin
  7. Milk in the UK

    Teddy, Karen is right, imo. I add my voice to hers in this matter. kevin
  8. Mass healing

    Santiago, I agree with you here. But I am concerned about what sort of doing and learning will be going on, as well as the path these might take a relatively unguided, untrained person on. My learning may be off, but, as I was taught: Connecting directly to the Tao to tap its healing power is a mark of rather high attainment in the Taoist schools. I am not sure that just anyone can, at will, tap this miraculous power without the requisite cultivation. Ordinarily, energy-healers, when healing, just use their own energy and/or the ambient energy in the environment. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is not as powerful as tapping directly into the Tao to heal. If you can heal with the Tao like this, then you have my admiration; I am still working on it! Peace, Santi! kevin Sheng zhen, that was insightful and not an interference. One should have a very solid understanding of how to deal with sick energy before trying to do energy-healing.
  9. Mass healing

    Gentle phore, Many blessings to you. As I understand it, world and mind co-arise. When one is affected, so is the other. If we can heal one, we heal the other. Have you ever freely given a warm coat to a homeless person on a cold day? ... volunteered at a food bank or orphanage? If so, you know the healing effects these have on the mind. Conversely, have you ever forgiven someone who hurt you, and then experienced a lighter world, one in which the light of the Tao seemed to shine gently on you, and things just seemed to go your way? Have you observed how you affect the people around you by being centered, tranquil, at peace? This is the mind-world healing itself. Meanwhile, it is not a bad idea to learn advanced techniques for healing. Distance-healing is such a technique; it takes years of experience, along with great wisdom and a fair amount of power, to do deftly. But it can be done, and there is a way to do it. Prayer, I think, is just the set of all our actions, thoughts, and intentions. I have a hard time seeing it any other way, at least. Be well! kevin
  10. photos from my trip to India

    LOL, very cool! Nice photos, too.
  11. Mass healing

    This thread has given me some concern, even though I see that everyone's intentions here are benevolent and commendable. One must be extremely circumspect, knowledgeable, experienced, and wise when attempting a distance-healing. In general, it is not just a matter of getting healing/clean energy to the intended target(s). One must also carefully analyze the case: What are the causes of the patient's condition? Do you really have the power to remove those causes or at least heal their effects? If not, is there something more productive and appropriate you can do for the patient? For instance, if the cause of sickness is demonic possession/parasitism, do you know how to deal with those demons? They could be transferred to you. By no means am I an expert in distance healing, but I do have general concerns for people who would undertake the kind of healing work discussed here. Without proper training, a person (or group of persons) could easily make a mistake. Such mistakes are potentially dangerous, not just to the patient but also to the healer(s).
  12. EMF pollution protection

    Craig, Here you go: (The "EMF Protection Solutions" link is at the bottom, just left of center) Here is a list of their distributors in the US:
  13. Carson, many thanks for that information.
  14. I live about four miles from a naval air station and in an area known for clear skies; thus, I have ample opportunity to observe various aircraft in flight -- military aircraft, as there are almost no civilian aircraft that go by where I live. (I hardly ever see airliners, for instance.) It has been mentioned that what appears to be a chemtrail is really (or at least possibly) a contrail that was formed under certain atmospheric conditions. This may be possible; I don't know, since I do not have the technical training to assess that theory to any appreciable, scientific depth. However, there are a few times -- granted, they are rare -- when a prop plane will fly fairly low (approximately 1000 feet) above my suburban neighborhood, and will lay down a large, puffy, cloud-like trail, as though crop-dusting. The trail drips down, very feathery yet persistent. Again, it is a prop plane, not one equipped with a jet engine. How could this be a contrail? The planes in question fly away from the base and have no observable difficulty maintaining course and airspeed, so I do not think the trail is due to an engine malfunction. * * * The "full-spectrum dominance" written about by PNAC -- I sometimes wonder what this means in terms of keeping the citizens in line.
  15. Buddha speaks!

    Duality and non-duality? These concepts, too, arise from the dual-mind... or so it may seem. Hence my first answer. The third one from the center.