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  1. Thanks for the quick responses guys. I'll practice and keep trying to isolate it - if i get success in the end ill let you know. Thanks again
  2. Hope it's okay to reopen this discussion. I've experimented with this a lot and im getting quite stressed out about it. I just find it impossible to contract the tailbone muscle without having the bulbospongiosus muscle (lying along the peroneum) seem to contract a little too. I contract lightly and can produce the contraction force predominantly between the tailbone and anus, but if i touch the peroneum with my fingers at the same time i can still feel the bulbosp. muscle contracting, or at least being pulled. It's a little hard to tell whether it's actually contracting or perhaps just being pulled back (since I think all these muscles are interconnected) due to the force of the anal contraction. But being unsure of this whilst continuing to do it worries me because the whole point of me doing this is to try to divert energy away from the prostate/bulbospongiosus, to give me more control over urgency. Strengthening the bulbosp. muscle further is only going to worsen my problems of tightness, strain and twitchiness down there which are hampering my ability to last during sex. I've read everything on Dr Lin's website and Alchemical Taoism and I'm a bit lost now. Is it actually possible to do the anal contractions with ZERO movement of muscles running along the peroneal area (ie. bulbospongiosus)? Does anyone have any further advice? What about methods for tackling heat, tightness and twitchiness in the prostate and bulbosp. muscle? Thanks in advance. Fletch
  3. Guys, thanks all for the very swift replies! Trunk, thanks but I've read both of those sites and neither has really cleared it up for me. I would love to ask the person who put togther Lin's Links as there's a whole section by someone who appears to know a lot about the tailbone method, but there's no email address.... Agharta - thank you very much, that certainly sounds a practical (and obvious!) way to go about it. I will be trying it out. Yangluchan - I won't be able to start practicing until about two weeks from now, but if I find anything out after that I can let you know - maybe pm me if you have any success too? Thanks guys
  4. Hi, I have been reading Dr Lin's information on ejaculation control using his "anal breathing" method. http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case15773.htm Let's disregard the silly name - I am very keen to figure out how to do it. What confuses me is how you actually isolate the "tailbone" muscle. I understand this to run between the sacrum and the anus. But if I try to squeeze there, I cannot avoid contracting the PC muscle / prostate. Yet Dr Lin says this must be avoided. I have tried expanding my lower abdomen to inhibit PC contraction, but I still cant isolate the tailbone muscle from the PC muscles. At the same time, when Dr Lin first describes this practice, I understand him as instructing the contraction of your buttocks (note - the external buttock muscles, not the more internal anal muscles) whilst urinating. This might press your sacral nerves and begin to activate them, which is the overall aim here. But in that case, is he saying you don't need to consciously isolate the tailbone muscles afterall? I would really, really appreciate some advice from someone who has had success in Dr Lin's method. Many thanks, Fletch
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    Hi everyone, im new to the forum and so making my initial post. Tx!