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  1. The Western Hindu

    Dear Dwai, Thanks again for your thoughts. I feel at once that we have more in common than not. You are right of course. There can be no separation between the observer and the observed... any more than there can be any such separation between different varieties of Hindu thought. Even Jnana culmilates in Bhakti, as Bhakti culminates in Jnana... I can only imagine the stressors that you mention causing inflections of all things Indic as a result of the past. All the more so because I was born into this body well after it had all happened, and into a white body at that. Thankfully, Atma and Atman are one. I am also grateful for this opportunity to have gotten to know you better. Nothing is without cause... Not even a blade of grass moves without His consent... And of course, it goes without saying that you are welcome at my blog anytime...
  2. The Western Hindu

    Dear Dwai, I thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I am sorry that I did not publish your comment and link to your site on my blog. My life has been quite busy of late, with both of my elderly parents being quite unwell, and needing some extra attention. I had intentions of getting back to you which I have (until your post here today) been unable to do so. I am even remiss on even getting back to Sean, who wanted to know more about my blog as well. My apologies to you for not getting back to you. I thank you for bringing this remission to the attention of the forum, and for essentially reposting your link to your own site here (http://www.medhajournal.com). It is a good thing that you have done. I obviously needed the prompting from you. I also thank you for questioning what I mean by 'Western Hindu'. In this case, the concept was to discuss the difficulties and intricacies of living a life based on Hindu teachings in a Western World and culture, without the assistance of a Hindu society to do that within. Whilst that may not have been explicit on my blog, I am happy if I have been able to clear up that confusion for you now. Brother, I fear that I have offended you, although I am not sure how I have. The tone of your post here is, interesting. Of course, you were unaware of my personal circumstances, nor are you probably aware of the fact that I have not put a lot into the site since I have been looking at different hosting options other than blogger.com, all of which has been a work in progress. Your site (http://www.medhajournal.com) is obviously far more polished than mine. I will take it as an example to live up to. Again, if the name of the blog has offended you, I apologise. If the fact that I have not been physically able to get back to you regarding either your comment or your own site has offended you, I apologise. If I have not become a member at your site (http://www.medhajournal.com), I also apologise. Given the fact that I also own the blog, and have a right to decide what is published on it and what is not, I also apologise for not putting your comment in. I also apologise if there have been any inflections on my behalf, that the Tao Bums is in any way a Western, Eastern, Northern or Southern site. This was completely unintentional, and given that it is a separate site to The Tao Bums, I doubt that many others would have made such a connection. Again, I hope my definition above has cleared this point of conjecture for you. In closing, I thank you for your interest in my humble blog, which (in all honesty) does dwarf in comparison to your own site (http://www.medhajournal.com) and is but a puppy. In time I hope to emulate your success and good on line etiquette. Thanks again for your assistance... Russ
  3. Good Morning!

    Thank you to both of you... Water One Moment in Time...
  4. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Wow! I love this forum... Very Dali-like... Looking forward to the unfolding...
  5. Good Morning!

    I joined this forum to learn more about Taoism... Looking forward to the discourse.