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  4. Immortality

    I do have a question regarding this. In the Hermetic tradition there appears to be a method by which one stores up the semen. Throughout the process there appears to be a regimen of massage, muscular training, and energetics training. The goal seems to be to hold on to the semen until it completely breaks down, much like compost breaks down into a substance that resembles rich dark earth. If I understand the general idea, one is to store up and compost the semen/sperm mixture until it breaks down into raw genetic material and nutrients which the body can then use to repair damage and disease. The method seems to require such focus and control that there is no room for abuse of the gift. I desire to follow this path but don't understand the dangers or the details of the method. If there are any with the proper understanding who walk the path, please heed the call of your brother. He seeks your aid. Desire comes from sensation. By connecting myself more fully to this body and gaining control over it, I can direct it to produce the sensations that provide comfort and calm. I can route the "emergency" energies of "fight/flight" to the thinking mind rather than the feeling body; so that the emergency can be responded to with reason rather than reacted to with emotion. To do this my mind must be sharp and my body obedient to my will which must itself be subject to the will of the creator. I will need good health and long life to achieve this. Hence my desire to understand the hermetic path. Is there a Daoist path which leads in the same direction?
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    My name is Ben. And I'm very glad to have found this site. I have finally found a place where people discuss questions I've had all my life. I've just been reading the posts so far and I've learned a great deal. I'm the father of 5 boys and one girl, a practitioner of the Wing Chun martial system, and an avid seeker of understanding. Peace to you all