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  1. Taoism Hats

    Good Day Mak Tin Si sorry my latte answer i am sick whit the flu Thanks i send you a private message! I will sure came to you someday God bless, bye.
  2. Magic

  3. The Most Powerful UFO Film That Ive Ever Seen

    well guys, there jumps the UFO: and there it hides
  4. Magic

  5. Mak_Tin_Si

  6. Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven Ba Gwa

    take a look at Xing Gong Tai Ji Ba Gua here:
  7. Taoism Hats

    Thanks very much Mak Tin Si 麥天師 wow I didn't knew that you had a homepage and that you are indeed a very important person even we when i felt the power in your words! Hey i take a look at your homepage more deep latter! Thank
  8. Magic

    the dangerous in Magic is not knowledge but the aplications! It is ourselves that bewitch us or let us bewitch us! The I Ching and the knowledge of Yin and Yang is the oldest magic in Chinese history! I guess Shamanism had also something to do whit I Ching and Yin Yang? PS. all i had said in this thread about magic, i had read in the book Magia! ( a spanish book about magic, that is a translation of a book of Germany! Thanks
  9. Taoism Hats

    Wellcome my friend Well they seems to be living in Siberia, but i belive it have a mongolian side too I use to listen to a instrumental sound (nr5) from their album and i think then of Master Huo Yuanjia! Do Immortals have different hatts? If we think about the many different Immortals, like : Earth Immortals, Celestial immortals etc! God Bless you PS. So Hatts can be use like Talismans?
  10. Taoism Hats

    Mak Tin Si 麥天師 my friend, thank you so much for the information You really knows a lot about Taoism Hat PS. Mak Tin Si 麥天師 you had been very kind to me, whit all that information and photos, something that it must had take time for you, and you did for free so that is why i send you this video, like a gift to you, there is a very nice song, very beautiful! And also some hats that are not Taoism Hatt but very similar, any way nice beautiful hats, and very beautiful country for you from my heart
  11. Magic

    Magic is the occult force of nature that the magician can know and use! Because is like a spider net everything is connected! Magic is good and bad at the same time, only in the year 1400 whit church problems over all Europe did people begun to talk about Black magic ( that they talked or have communication whit Satan and his spirits) or White magic (people that use methods against black magic) Man in fact have a kind of war agains these Black magicians people! ( Note these were not the highest magicians!!) After these period people begun in Europe to develop a magic call : magia naturalis! Well if we return to the root: Magic have connections about what you think, feel etc. The Magicians were in 1400 and 1500 after Christ very respectable members in society and they were very intelligent people, some read many books on the subject in their life, ( to many difficult ones like the Key of Solomon that i said before in this forum etc) They knew many languages and that is why they could read many ancient secrets found in very limited occult books! They could also read signs and strangers numbers , they knew very much about the space ( stars, planets etc) They could read the destiny of the village using the stars and many stuff! They knew alchemy, they knew the power of herbs etc! So when you think about these ancient Magicians just remember they were people so much high in knowledge that we are not near or can imagine how they indeed could! Many of these secrets are gone now and are only write in books ( that little part of the big Magic part that is the no write word) many of which no body understand today, or stuff write in the walls of the piramids and place like that! Some signs are even in a unkown language! They were man and women and they could in a kind of way get inspiration whit angels and knew the difference between bad and good spirits ( no human spirits) The magicians were many times in the King council and generals councils until the church begun to ( now i speaking about the area of Europe) said that only God could and give the power of goodness and from then they said that magicians were under the power of Satan and then they (the magicians) were running away and hidden themselves! Many Magic books were burn by Church people! Questions and comments are very much welcome anima mundi
  12. Magic

    First let me say that there is not a such thing as black or whit magic! Because it is the same magic! Only amateurs use the worlds or know only the words white and black magic! not only less control of mind some, have become crazy and wanted to be more crazy, because they then knew Satan powers were more stronger, in short they were not they any more Regards
  13. Our Story

    What ever
  14. Abstaining from masturbation

    english please