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  1. legs position

    That`s right. You want to balance your body, so you have to engage the weaker side, trying to relax into the posture.
  2. Class Room For Classic Chinese

    yes, did you know that the very ancient character for 气 had the meaning of "no fire"? According to Huai-Chin Nan fire in the very archaic character for Chi can be associated with the fire of the mind, which stands for a restless mind, wandering thoughts, all kinds of wishful desires. In the absence of that kind of fire the real Chi then could show up. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the secondary fire is the fire that is restlessly wandering through the body, while the primary fire is all good as it is in the right place in the right state. When no false ideas arise from the 心 (heartmind),then a focused mind would be possible. How do you like?
  3. Class Room For Classic Chinese

    wish you the realization that everyone can be your teacher if you`re willing to be taught;-)
  4. Class Room For Classic Chinese

    心中一无所着,一念一无所思。 no catching fire within the heartmind, one-pointed thought without place for thinking. how do you like this one?
  5. Class Room For Classic Chinese

    thank you very much, I find this the best translation so far. Just let me ask you two questions: why did you choose past tense, and can you further comment on spellbound, why did you use this word here? Chidragon, I wish you good Chi....
  6. Class Room For Classic Chinese

    心中一无所着,一念一无所思 This beautiful Chinese phrase is too difficult for me to translate. The context is the meaning of the character 静 in Traditional Chinese Martial Training. All your thoughts and suggestions are welcome!
  7. Hsing-I and Ba Gua of BK Frantzis

    Hello Jess, thanks from me also, real informative , reading your review. Sounds like you get a lot of insights into the details of this quan that are rarely taught . I wished I could have been there, but America is a long way from here, and this time I couldn`t afford. I learn Hebei style from a student of Luo De Xiu and Wu Guangxian. Also I practice the watermethod. Until now Bruce holds the HsingYi courses in the US only, so I guess I have to wait. Would you comment on the way that you practice SanTi ? I`d like to add it to my practices, but in my school the Santishi isn`t taught as a standing practice and I never asked my teacher about it. Keep on the good work.
  8. has not set their status

  9. Dealing with Connectedness

    From the internal martial arts ,Baguachang is the one that mostly deals with all the energies inside as well as around you,so that when walking in circles the practitioner really tries to flow with the flux of all of the eight energies of the universe,including trees,sun and stars,buildings ,other beings and so on.This surely goes well into the realms of meditation. Concerningthe feeling of being separated,taoists hold the point of view that this feeling of being separated only vanishes after the death of the ego, which fights hard against it, Nevertheless the passing through that fear,the fear of the death of the ego,is considered an important alley for those that want to reach the higher levels of taoist meditation.
  10. Anyone ever heard of vajra boxing?

    Sorry to say this,but to me it just looks ...ridiculous...
  11. Chunyi Lin 1 hr Teleseminar Free

    Thanks for having a listen,I appreciate that very much.
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