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  1. The tickle is not unpleasant...just distracting. I feel it at the top of my spine like at the base of my head and my mid back. The best way to describe is if someone was close to me breathing on my neck if that makes sense. Just some background I also experience sleep paralysis which I am now actively trying to use to see if it can lead to an OBE...or whatever. I am also actively trying to cultivate chi energy by redirecting sexual energy and breathing. With all that I am still very much the novice. Thanks again.
  2. Scotty, thanks for the follow-up. Yep tried standing...same thing. Laying down is the only time I don't feel it.
  3. Folks, Need some advice or words or wisdom here. I have just started to medidate after a long hiatus and am experiencing a "tickling like" sensation in the back of my head and down my back. I know this may seem ridiculous but it is so distracting that I cannot stand it and have to stop meditating. The only position I don't experience this in is when I lay down to meditate but that is not my preferred method. Appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks, Raj
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    Now that makes sense! I just turned 43 in October and had the swaying experience just before that. The noises happened earlier...several months ago. Funny thing is the episodes usually happen, or should I say end, between 4:30am-7am ish give or take some minutes. Will they dwindle now that I am past the 42 year age?
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    Darin, Thanks! At first I was terrified on the sleep paralysis but in the last couple of months after reading some stuff here and there I am going to see where it leads. I've just had those incidents so frequently something needs to happen. I've heard stuff during it (chains rattling, high pitched hum even muffled voices) and of course felt trapped in the body along with pressure on me and swaying back and forth motions. My greatest fears were what I may see (scary monster types) or losing my mind. Now that I'm actually looking for it to occur it may not happen for a while...
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    Hello folks! New guy Raj here. Sorry if this seems long... I am hoping to find a path on this journey I seem to be on. Started training in martial arts in the mid 80's (Hwarangdo\Hapkido) which led to some initial internal work. Stopped that after philosophical conflicts and some unnerving events of sleep paralysis which seemed to occur after meditation then stuck with external arts (Kempo, Okinawan Karate)for about 12 years until a couple of months ago. Seen stuff personally regarding chi direction recently which peaked my interest with internal energy work which I lightly practiced with Hapkido which brought me back to the journey within after 20 years. The path led to reading about John Chang which took me to reading both of Kostas' books which led to this site. So after reconciling some spiritual conflicts and dealing with fear of sleep paralysis and the unknown it seems that the Tao is where I have been led. I am more than curious to see where this leads Cheers, Raj