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  1. Seven cervical (neck) vertebrae

    Right! I think they are one and the same .. see Robert Coxs book CREATING THE SOUL IMMORTAL for those links ... i know the first list for the mummifying, but the second seems more intriguing somehow intuitively .. any detail would be great thanks ...
  2. Seven cervical (neck) vertebrae

    The 7 vertebrae are also connected to Sheshnag in Hinduism .. the 7 headed serpent that is the bearer of the first creation with the God Vishnu reclining on it, startign to see the universe into manifest creation In deep meditation, this Sheshnag serpent flares over the head, so one is sitting underneath its seven heads .. so one can say this is connected to the 7 vertebrae, and almost like the 7 headed serpent is an extension of the 7 vertebrae .. What were the 7 spirits of Anubis? I would be interested in correlating this with the 7 serfent heads of Sheshnag, which are connected to Ursa Major/ Pleaides, which was the home of the 7 Rishis or founders of Vedanta, the Creator Beings .. no xrays!
  3. Seven cervical (neck) vertebrae

    Well thats the greatest wisdom .. meditation and research .. in India they call that smriti and sruti .. your own experience and the experience of those who have come before you .. the teachers ... so what you are saying is wisdom! The Atlas adjustment is unique .. no other chiropractors do it as it involves a machine to readjust the muscles to allow the Atlas to slip into its right position .. the pressure required cannot be done by human hands ... once you see it you will understand ... AK
  4. HI Ap, Yes it feels like many levels to the Shew .. you have the personal one based on judgment, then the collective then the integration ... gets subtler the clearer one is i feel. Different levels with different rules. Yes tis an actual entity, i have met mine and dialogue with it regularly so all is in functional integration with other bodies. It wants certain things, and needs attention ... once it is treated with respect and nurture, it is happy. But yes, healing had to be done in this process to get this far, as shadow is buried oftentimes. Form is defined by the shadow. So Shew is voidness, emptiness at its integrated state within you? In his 'Middle Egyptian' James P. Allen says: "The shadow is an essential adjunct to the body, since every body casts one. Because the shadow derives from the body, the Egyptians believed it had something of the body - and, therefore, of the body's owner - in it. The representations of gods are sometimes called their 'shadows' for the same reason." The Egyptologist Lanny Bell in 'Temples of Ancient Egypt' says: "The shade was both an emanation from a deity and a reflection of divine power (light); it was drawn as a silhouette of the body, and it symbolised divinity's in dwelling of an object or being ..." When the deceased enters the underworld he is said to begin a new life among the shades. The shade is also said to accompany the ba when it emerges from the tomb to see the rising sun. It was illustrated as a black silhouette. The derivation of the word shu (Sw) is connected with words which mean 'empty' and 'sunlight'. The air-god Shu is also interpreted as a light filled emptiness. From this we can come to Swyt as the absence (emptiness) of light. As the Egyptians placed great emphasis on the need for 'food', offerings to sustain the dead person on his underworld journey, this emptiness (shu) normally has negative connotations. Nayler illustrates this nicely in his translation from the Pyramid Texts of King Unas: "If emptiness (shu) flourishes, Unas cannot take his food. If Unas flourishes, emptiness cannot take its food." Despite this negative interpretation the Shade as a part of personality was not a negative but an essential element in the make up of the being. So how can we understand this? To the Egyptians everything originally emerges from the dark watery vastness called the Nun. Indeed the waters of Nun were seen as surrounding and permeating all existence. These waters are the source of renewal because they have the power to dissolve away 'exhausted' form and to renew it, making it fresh and new. We can understand the Nun as being the un-being or void. Its waters are the underlying nature of all things. Much in the same way as we know our bodies are mostly composed of water, all things have this same nature of being composed of voidity. By extension we could say that everything has a void-nature. As conscious beings we can acknowledge that we have another side. A side which embodies our nature as being empty of form. Just as every form in existence casts a shadow, everything has a light and a dark side. A visible and a hidden aspect. As a 'ba' we demonstrate our nature as god-like, as divine and as radiant and as capable of assuming a manifest form. The reverse of this is our shade. Our hidden-ness, our un-formed and mysterious side. The two sides complement and support each other. Which is why they emerge together to greet the sun.
  5. best burial practices

    Namaste Shonton, I am glad you have done that .. much needed. And more needed .. some people are trained, and some people just remember like you and me .. yes i have done that work but am not called that way anymore as it is very much a priest/esses work. So vital to do though .. especially with whats coming, eh? What did you learn from OD'ing on it, i am curious to know ... In gratitude, AK
  6. Thoth question

    Hi Witch, Thoth is also connected to selenite crystal ... check out ... -AK
  7. best burial practices

    Hi Yoda, In Egypt they had specially trained Priests who would move on those pesky Kas if they were stuck or attached to this plane of reality ..or simply too much in shock at dying suddenly, violently, or too attached to the body existence, family, loved ones or the earth plane .. sometimes some people do not even fully relaise they are dead for a while! these days there is much more of that on the earth, so the Ka pollution is more than ever before! There are very little people moving on these Ka bodies, so Earth is getting a bit clogged up .. i do know that after recent Tsunamis there were groups who were focusing on moving these souls out from the earth as they were still stuck in the atmosphere and clogging things up .. however this is happening every day! Something needs to be happening to clear this at some point ...
  8. Seven cervical (neck) vertebrae

    Hi, The 7 cervical neck vertebrae are connected to the realignment of the Atlas ... a key part of Egyptian initiations to open the Alta Major chakra at the back and base of the skull. To have this properly realigned is to correct the imbalances there which almost everyone has ... check, and www. I have had this treatment and it is amazing! Its a one off adjustment that realigns organs, muscles, bones, spine, and accelerates growth and consciousness, opening one upto more incoming prana through the Alta Major. In my experience , it realigns Khat and Aufu, and allows more SEKHEM to enter the bodybrain connexion. I Am also curious about the Egyptian take on the Sahu and Shew or Khaibit ... any takers anyone? Info would eb appreciated ... Thanks!
  9. Hi all

    Hi everyone, Introducing me, Amer Khan, the name of a dragon from Sirius ... i trust we can all play together! With a tail swish, AK