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  1. Zero point energy

    Documentary on Zero Point Energy This is a fascinating documentary on zero point energy. I started watching it out of interest in Tesla but then it starts talking about zero point energy and the ether and an electromagnetic energy (ether) that pervades everything. When it got to that point I started thinking taoism.
  2. New 'bum

    Thanks, just ordered it on Amazon, looks good.
  3. New 'bum

    Hi Everyone From the UK but now living and working in Saudi Arabia. Reading The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid as my intro to Taoism. Also love Alan Watts and am re-reading The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. I meditate, I was taught Vipassana meditation in Thailand and want to learn Ashtanga yoga and since hitting this forum have become interested in Sonnon and his flow techniques. I love this forum and wish I had found it a while ago. Only thing is I know I will be practising less and reading more. On the other hand knowing there are other people around who are also interested in Taoism and practising it helps to get me off the net and back into it. Many thanks, I have a lot to learn from you all.