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  1. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

    Curious - thank you to all who have posted their thoughts and beliefs on this matter. Be happy - Flowingwater
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    ' It is not through power in which water cuts through rock, but with persistance ' Unsure of author. ( Doesn't exactly quote that way either, but close too. ) ' Tao never does; Yet through it All things are done. ' Tao Teh Ching Simplicity is truely amazing.
  3. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

    Hello Taoists, this will be brief as it is more of a question to gain others opinions on the being in question; T. Lobsang Rampa. Of the books this ones read ( which is 16 seperate titles ), my interest has gained respect for the author. Was just wondering what other view points and knowledge others have gained from the books? ' The Hermit ' was certainly an incredibly written peice and broadened the open mind of this one even moreso. Especially as it was written with such ludicrous topic, to a non-believer, but actually written in a way that presented the idea/s ( which this one certainly doesn't doubt ), very lucidly and more importantly - very believable. Any opinions/analysis would be welcomed. Be happy - Flowingwater
  4. vipassana / Goenka.. retreat thoughts

    Hello Modestman, about the Vipassana, not to sure why people are worshipping Goenka....this makes me laugh..haha. His discourses were certainly interesting and gave insight into the technique through humourous anicdotes. But this is certainly no reason to worship the man, as that is all he is. People choose to worship whatever they like and Goenka would certainly react to this with something like ' Drop the attachment ' as I suppose if one was worshipping another it would be a form of attachment. In this ones experience, jumping right into the course was good.........and bad. But one chooses this, and what is good, when there is no bad?? As for the stiff neck - in the Vipassana meditation, any kind of sensation, whether it be a stiff neck, tingling, heat or whatever, is just that - a sensation and steams from an emotional attachment or craving or aversion.....so once you realise this, pooffff!!, it may just disappear. All distractions to the higher purpose of this technique. It could also just be a true physical problem. Danin certainly has a valid point, perhaps it's worth investigating first, instead of jumping right into the deep end. Hope this helps - Be happy - Flowingwater
  5. Hello Beings

    :mmmmmm, throughly enjoyed the tea stig.
  6. Hello Beings

    thanks for tea offer stig, i quite enjoy Ti kuan yin amongs many. be happy
  7. Hello Beings

    Thank you Mal for your thoughtfullness. As it turns out I have just been contacted by a friend who is studying Mahayana Buddhism at Chenrizig Institute on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia. It happens that he knows a fellow there, ( Tao Wu Shin ), and was kind enough to pass on contact details. So a meeting has been arranged to drink tea. Be happy Mal, thanks again. - flowingwater
  8. Hello Beings

    Hello everyone. New here and relatively new to the whole pratice of Tao, well unknowingly that is. For me, Tao seems a very natural path to follow and interesting in that it covers a wide range of different aspects; which not only benefit the mind, but also the body. I suppose this is what draws me to it. Please, Sifu Wolf, would it be at all able to get the address of the temple which rests upon Mt Tambourine? I live at Helensvale and would muchly appreciate if it is at all a possibility to venture up there and visit? If not, then I guess when the time is right, I will stumble upon it myself. Kind regards. Be happy