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  1. 2012 Big Changes

    Proof of 2012! You read my mind! Personally I find 2009 to be my present concern, I will bother about 2012 in...2011 Anyone good at building boats?
  2. Thanks, the reason I asked was because I did level 1 recently, got very high then somehow in the last fortnight fell back to the start for some reason, I figured you need level 2 to continue?
  3. How long do you have to wait between doing levels 1 and 2?
  4. This product is Maitey approved, only took 2 days for it to stop people affecting one as much with negativity. Also works very nice as a warmup to KAP or Tai Chi.
  5. Hi all

    I probably won't be posting for a bit but wanted to sign up and get the introduction with early