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  1. Bigu practices

    it actually is a very good way to lose weight, or gain weight or maintain, whatever is needed. as it restores harmony one will shed or gain pounds as needed. I have always been on the stocky side and shed some pounds and just generally toned up. the lack of calories was prob. not as crucial to this process as was the immense increase in energy which resulted in much more physical activity. any ideas how to load a pdf file on to web so the pictures etc. can all be displayed? a free website thing or what have you to upload e-books?
  2. Bigu practices

    hello, yes there was a lot of internal heat, which i have anyways, but not unpleasant. the book i have is from this fellow http://www.easternhealingcenter.com/En/pi_gu_healing.htm he suggests or stipulates its best to have his treatment, which is no doubt true, but if you have a bit of experience in other qi gong practices I think you can adapt to these quite easily. there is also an article from a friend of mine he has been doing, scholarly, on bigu which I will post or link to when he sends it to me. the problems with your temperatures may well indicate that its not coming on naturally. i find it best to ease into it for a period of weeks even, semi fasting, doing the specific practices of pi gu really stave off the cravings of food and then all of a sudden the state sort of just happens, not really ever quite tired even after strenuous effort or work. its sort of hard to do in a social setting as my internal clock was so off and i had to stay up for two and three days straight with the energy and then sleep a bit and back up. kind of hard to assimilate in that past situation. as I am now in a more secluded hermitage, with little distractions or responsibilities, its back on now. many of the texts i have read describe that the earliest bigu was less radical and differentiated than later times, where it came to be designated as full and half bigu so to speak. i guess i spend most of the time of the year in half bigu anyways, only eating out some remnant of social rituals with a friend every now again. one thing i noticed that after weeks i would get a pressure in my third eye that was only relieved after some meditations i was taught just for this purpose. again, will post my scholar friends piece and hope that link helps. I do believe Penn State or something had a conference last year or so on this, my scholar associate is in contact with the clinical data people there and getting some positive results.
  3. Bigu practices

    hello, tried this for several months. i studied some texts, there is a good book on the subject Pigu, but I did drink juice. It was the best ever felt in life. So much energy rarely slept, intelligence and memory sharpened. was combined with other techniques of semen retention etc. but the only thing it was sort of alienating to consort to continue the practice, so tapered off. Plan to do it three months out of a year every year as its just incredible once the first few days are over and that much detoxing. i can post an excellent article we translated from french on traditional killing of three worms practices. is there a document or file section? new to here. can dig up that book too. its small little book.
  4. Respect

    Hello, hailing from Philadelphia region, herbalist with interest in external and internal alchemy. Study several traditions, large library would be glad to share. Studied much Shia Sufi practices and Daoist and realized the former trickle from the latter and want to refocus practices and get beyond cultural traits that obscure to some degree original arts.