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  1. Looked at about 3 am chicago time. some low clouds were coming in and i was too close to bright lights. Didn't see any. You have better luck? Found a good astronomy website Next meteor shower listed is for dec. 14 Bartlett Bruce
  2. Enlightenment in higher Education?

    Not exactly sure what you are asking about, but I found these two university related sites. Also found some educational sites that I am currently exploring but they are not specifically tied to any Higher Education Organization, which in my mind makes them more relevant and sincere. Am I on a relevant wave-length? Bruce Here is the main site with all the research institutes under its domain. Bruce
  3. Letting-go or Striving

    Getting married and having kids shrinks the ME ego. Reading TheTaoBums everyday helps also. I bet cow pasture mushrooms would also dissolve the ME ego. Not really going anywhere with this except to say ME ego is overly rated. Bartlett Bruce
  4. The Mostess

    Could you please define quality? What type of meditation do you practice or what do you strive to achieve? Thanks for your help. Anyone else is invited to help with this issue also. Bruce
  5. 1.Preach what you practice 2.Practice what's inside you 3.Live life baby. When questions arise just remember the only answer worth anything is out there in a cornfield, a roadside ditch or sometimes smackdab in 'da middle of the road. Bruce
  6. The "e" Word.

    Words are such strange things. That's why I prefer telepathy. But not any sort of telepathy. The transmission of feelings and emotions. By pass even thinking of words. Takes alot of training. Bruce
  7. Was Jesus A Taoist?

    There is no proof that you or I exist. When I close my eyes all I see is nothing. So I think that we can safely say that nothing definitely exists. Bruce
  8. Found a pretty good image: I didn't know she has 1000 arms. In this image it's a little hard to tell the border around her body are arms. Zen schools do not make much of a point in studying deities, or at least the ones I've encountered. I find it interesting all the different flavors of buddhism. Bruce
  9. Yoda? When you speak of Esther, are you speaking of Esther Hicks and the "Abraham Tapes"? Thanks for all your posts man. Bruce
  10. "false" Believes About Meditators?

    Can't talk for all zen schools, 'cause oh lordy they iz all different in their beliefs. It mostly comes down to the master of the school setting, or not setting, a dress code. But, in general I think the mode of operandi is "dark" colors at certain ceremonies or occasions. The theory I think is color sets the mood and also is a sign of respect.
  11. I'm curious, unless this is also a joke of course. You probably know alot more than myself, but I think "give up their attachment to life" is not the same as "being dead". As a side note, what you "think" is unimportant anyway, because it is just an illusion. Thoughts are not real. I know a Zen Priest living in the mountains of New Mexico who was shot in the head during the VietNam war. He survived and is currently 54 years old and is as lucid as any 54 year old I know. I believe he is well onto his way to outlive most of us probably "due" to his un-attachment to life. This brings up another issue. What is longevity? What is the quality of your life? What constitutes life? A heart beat? Is leading a sedimentary evil existence the same as being a contributing member of society who is always happy with a smile on his/her face? Do the 2 equate? So many issues here. Bruce
  12. Global-mind-shift

    Evolution has always fascinated me. Conventional wisdom supports natural selection, ( i.e. the weak die off ) but how do you explain that no other species co-existing with the giraffe did not exhibit extreme long-necks? Mutations contributing into the gene pool does provide a real function. The theory that during periods of gravitational reversal the earth is exposed to high levels of radiation providing for more mutations to occur could explain relative rapid sporadic evolutionary changes. Guess what? We are probably entering shortly a magnetic field reversal. So in a few 100,000 years we may all be walking around with 10 foot necks. Bruce
  13. Taoist Monastery in America? This the Tao center u speaking of? Bruce
  14. I need more info...

    That's the beauty of it. What's that old saying? All roads lead to Rome. Bruce