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  1. Hello from Pittsburgh

    thank you, both replies will be very helpful pghpi
  2. Hello from Pittsburgh

    No, I'm not investigating anyone here, but I get that all the time. I guess that my first question would be about conflict. Since I started, I've been limiting my conflicts just by the way that I've been thinking. Instead of jumping in / causing obstruction and in the end prolonging problems, I've allowed things to resolve themselves. However, what happens when conflict is unavoidable? When something needs to be done. Since I'm a novice at this, I'm guessing that a lot of it is my old thought patterns are kicking in. Does this pass with time or is this a legitimate concern? pghpi
  3. Hello from Pittsburgh

    Hello, I joined a few weeks ago and have decided to say "hello". I am a private investigator living and working in the Pittsburgh area - born and raised as a Catholic. I never really got it and merely went through the motions for years. While enlisted in the Navy, I was stationed in Japan and came in contact with different perspectives including Taoism. After years of "unlearning" my Catholic beliefs, I am beginning to wrap my mind around some of the Taoist's school of thought. I'm certain that in the coming months, I'll be asking several questions to aid me in this journey. The only thing that I know now is that I know nothing. thanks, pghpi