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  1. multi vitamins

    I really like AOR Ortho-Core. A lot of good stuff in there and well worth the price!
  2. colon cleansing

    I've had some really good experiences with the Colon Cleanse kit from Blessed Herbs. You mix organic apple juice with a mixture which includes psyllium husk, bentonite clay, apple pectin and your choice of ginger root or peppermint. You also take a digestive stimulator that has a variety of herbs including chinese rhubarb. I'm not sure if it's common with other cleanses but each bowel movement was such a release that it stimulated some major bliss! I was looking forward to every trip to the can! They also have a more comprehensive internal cleanse kit which addresses each of the organs more specifically. Highly recommended!
  3. Lack of sleep and fatigue

    I have battled with this problem for many years. It seems for me when I don't get enough rest and sleep, my will is weaker and I'm more likely to get caught up in negative thought patterns, resenting the whole world including myself for preventing me from getting enough rest. At least for me, dreaming has much to do with it. We all need to dream but with my 12th house moon there is a certain amount a dreaming that needs to be done every night for me to be emotionally (as well as all levels) balanced. If I go more than 1 night of sleeping less than 7 hours, I'm in trouble. I'm certainly envious of those who can live on 6 hours or less every night and still be happy and energetic. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a prevalent issue among a few close friends as well. I have numerous theories of why but that's a whole different story
  4. Jim Humble's MMS Chlorine Dioxide

    A friend of mine cured a case of chlamydia with MMS...
  5. Edgar Cayce

    I've been following Wilcock since 2003 and his message is important. It's really irrelevant if he's connected with Cayce or not, his research deserves its own merit. The Cayce readings certainly are interesting though...
  6. Hi Carson, I'm glad it was helpful It's definitely an ongoing process... personally and collectively. I believe the patriarchy is in decline and along with it distorted ideals of what it means to be a man and a woman and also changing our relationship to Creation altogether. To me, the more in harmony we are with nature, the healthier are our expressions of Being. Right now we are not living in harmony with nature (obviously) but I'm optimistic we're moving in the right direction
  7. Hi Carson, I resonate with much of what you're talking about here... going through much of same throughout my life. Some preliminary ideas I've come across have much to do with archetypes. There are both light and dark sides to masc and fem. What I've learned to do is focus on the positive masc traits (more mature masc energy rather than immature manifestations like stubbornness and combativeness, etc) and develop those qualities. Things like courage, strength, decisiveness, confidence, skill, responsibility... When you can embody these qualities, you'll likely become very secure in your masculinity It also takes much introspection to realize the root of your insecurities on a deep level. A lot of issues can be from the suppression of fem energy... it takes a lot of strength to allow it to flow freely, especially for a male. 2 books that have been considerably helpful to me: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette Way of the Superior Man by David Deida Andrew
  8. .

    I attended one of Glenn's workshops back in 2005 so that was my first real experience with REAL energy. Many advanced people there... I was floating by the end. Been practicing qi gong and yoga since then, joined Santiago's KAP level 1 in Oct/08 after I had already dedicated myself to doing some of Glenn's practices daily since Sep/08. I can honestly say that by the time I had been a good month into KAP, I was feeling like a different person (in a good way). Santiago's transmissions to me were loud and strong and the practices felt like they were actually doing something. Since then, I've noticed that I'm MUCH more sensitive to energy, more intuitive, generally happier, and sex has been out of this world! Santiago has been one of the most sincere, generous, and powerful teachers I have come across and I am very grateful to be working with him. But I think all of that is obvious to anyone open enough.. I honestly haven't been too good with my practices since coming back from a Vipassana retreat but I'm signed up for KAP 2 and can't wait to get started. There's no guarantee with kundalini... to me much progress in this life has much to do with what you ALREADY have accomplished in previous lifetimes. I haven't gone through it yet this time around but some weird things have started..
  9. Need info/advice/help on sexual practise

    So if one is born under a 'yin' sign, should they emphasize more on 'yang' to balance it out? Or perhaps live in tune with what you're born under? I'll have to investigate. Thanks for the info
  10. Need info/advice/help on sexual practise

    Hi Durkhrod, Do you have any more info on this yin/yang configuration as it relates to your year of birth? Thanks
  11. His name is Master Zhang Jin Fa and the site is here. Unfortunately he returned to China this past September and due to his age, it's uncertain if he'll return. One of his close students still takes care of his house though and we still practice together. Do you know of any others in Vancouver?
  12. Tummo?

    Mystress Angelique runs the Fire Serpent Tantra school and I've been studying it on and off since I met her at the KAP workshop w/ Glenn Morris a few years ago. Her focus is Matriarchal so a lot of it has to do with learning how to surrender to Goddess and recognizing your own inner divinity, etc. Getting and staying grounded seems to be a foundation of the whole course and I've benefited quite a lot by doing her grounding exercise. It's especially important while reading her stuff because the website really is shakti-charged and it can be a bit disorienting sometimes (but fun ). The course itself starts at a very basic level going over the nature of consciousness (mostly Jungian), karma, the chakra system and so forth so it might be sort of review for most on this forum. But it does have some very good meditations though and other material definitely worth reading. Tummo initiation is not part of Level 1 curriculum so I suppose if you want it you'll have to arrange something separately. I'm not even sure if she does tummo initiations anymore (perhaps one of her students does?), check the website. The initiation itself doesn't involve any sort of technique on your part, just be open to receive and the rest is taken care of by her. The energy is definitely felt and I had some good heat in my belly for weeks after the initiation. She emphasizes to drink a lot of water as the fire burns a lot of impurities and karma (its main purpose). If you want more details just give me a PM. Overall I've found her to be powerful, generous and wise but she's definitely still human.
  13. Tummo?

    I had a tummo initiation from Mystress Angelique (Serpent Tummo) back in 2005 and I would say it was a really good experience. She's k-awakened and has a LOT of energy and it seems whatever she touches gets some sort of shaktipat. Even her websites transmit shakitpat! Regarding the Reiki Tummo, I have the book but have not experienced it. Apparently Mystress Angelique provided the inspiration of the technique to the author.
  14. What exactly do you learn in KAP?

    This is just a quick coles notes version. I'm not too sure what's in level 3 (if there is one) but I hope this helps.
  15. MT

    Bola (Soup, Fyuti, Gnayse) and Tetsu Inoue (Ambient Otaku, Organic Cloud) are a few favourites...