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  1. Kung Fu Panda

    Lol, I loved that dream sequence. "There is no price for awesomeness. Or attractiveness." I want to be someone like Master Oogway. It would be nice to die that way.
  2. Interpreting tao in my life situation.

    I forgot to address your additional question, "if in moderation, is it?" so here goes: What you need to ask yourself is, is it truly skillful to do so? Now in terms of your health, moderate drinking may be seen as skillful. But remember, as far as society as concerned, you're underage and if you are caught drinking, there are legal consequences for you. Now you can say "well f**k society" - and believe me, you wouldn't be the first or the last one to do so. But even that has consequences that you might not be willing to pay. You need to therefore weigh the risks involved in continuing to drink underage and ask yourself "is underage drinking worth the risks involved?" You've read the Tao of Pooh, so did I. It's a great book for us newbies - but don't let it fool you into thinking that being a Taoist and living in accord with the Tao is all about being happy-go-lucky and easygoing. Anybody can jump into a raft and let the river carry them along its path. But staying on the raft, looking ahead for dangerous rapids, steering clear of them when possible and paddling hard to get through them when unavoidable - these require skill. Same with your life, my friend.
  3. Interpreting tao in my life situation.

    I'm more familiar with Buddhism so I'll use that perspective - besides, both Buddhism and Taoism are (in their own ways) about skillful living, which is probably why they blend well together (Zen or Chan Buddhism was greatly influenced by Taoism). I wouldn't say that drinking underage was "wrong" - just unskilled. It was unskilled because despite knowing the laws of US, your history of substance abuse, and having previously experienced the unpleasant results of being caught drinking underage, you still chose to do it. Does this make you "bad", "evil" or, in your words, "wrong"? No. What it means is that you haven't learned to be more mindful of the choices you make and their possible consequences. Unskillful ways lead to suffering, skillful ways do not.
  4. Hi guys

    Ummm.... hello:)