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  1. Headaches and microcosmic orbit

    Thanks for all the replies. By the way, the healer's name is Andrew Matsukawa. Here's a link: The "Dr." part comes from his training as a chiropractor I guess. I am going to try to contact him to see what's going on. Also, I went to the library and picked up a bunch of books--two from some guy named Mantak Chia, and two about quantum energy. But, don't worry Scotty and others--I will find a live person to teach me what's going on. Interestingly, I'm at a strange sort of crossroads in my life. That I would have this experience now tells me that I should keep seeking. So, my yoga teacher has been trying to talk me into an energy massage. I'll start there. Also, my hubby is way into martial arts with Peter Ralston and does Qi Chong (sp?). He wants to help and find me a teacher but I've been resisting since that's his thing, not mine. Maybe some of you married types know how that goes. Anyway, I really appreciate the feedback. I still have a mild headache and I've decided rather than go do an anaerobic workout on my bike, I'll go walk my dogs near where all these guys are doing tai chi in the park across the street. Someone said grounding will work so I'll try that. (I'm on a "staycation": staying at home for a vacation.) Again, I really appreciate the responses and you all got me just so CURIOUS.
  2. Energy Problem

    Sorry--wrong forum.
  3. Headaches and microcosmic orbit

    Thanks for the responses. Any ideas where I can get guidance on this? Is there a cosmic orbit book for dummies? Where do beginners go? I love the reference to Pandora's Box--ha ha. I guess I could try to find an e-mail address for the Hawaiian guy. He left for Honolulu yesterday apparently. What is this? Do I research Taoism?
  4. Headaches and microcosmic orbit

    I am a newcomer and desperate for answers. I never heard of microcosmic orbit or practiced tantric anything until I decided to go to a visiting doctor recommended by my yoga center in Denver. This Hawaiian doctor apparently uses quantum energy to open energy blocks. I had a "treatment" on Sunday where he hardly touched me but was supposedly moving energy around. During the treatment I was face down on a massage table. After the first hour, I began to see spinning light, even when I opened my eyes. It was spiraling light going from the ground up and got bigger at the top. It felt really cool, like I was powerful and energized and healed. (Again, I'm unfamiliar with all this stuff.) Well I decided to try to get the light to spin while having sex with my husband to see if I could recreate that cool feeling. I have no idea why I decided to do this--I just did it. I visualized an orbit from my pelvis up to my head and down my back and around again. Then I included him in the circle. WOW. Way intense. But here's my problem. I immediately got a massive headache behind my eyes that lasted for about 20 minutes. I was nauseous and sensitive to light, as though it were a migraine. I thought it was the strangest thing ever. The same thing happened the next day. This has never happened before. I found your website while googling "headaches", "sex" and "orbit." Can anyone tell me what's going on? Could this be related to the energy massage? Would visualization of an orbit going from front to back do this? This is freaky.