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  1. any cool heartburn remedies?

    People often think that indigestion is caused by "too much acid" - commonly called "acid indigestion". While in some rare cases this diagnosis is valid,the overwhelming majority of acid symptoms originate from the opposite problem - TOO LITTLE hydrochloric acid. As a result,the food does not digest properly and remains in the stomach for too long,whereupon the food rots and becomes acidic. Rotting food,not excessive digestive acids,causes an acid burn feeling. Deliberately taking antacid tablets before you eat,to prevent acid indigestion,is NOT a good idea. The best remedies for acid indigestion are to pay attention to basic food combining principles and to CHEW your food well.Supplementing with digestive enzymes also can be helpful. (Until sufficient hydrochloric acid is present and food breakdown takes place,food does not leave the stomach.If undigested food sits in the stomach too long,it forms toxin and poisons you.) Hope that helps.
  2. hi! anyone from malaysia?

    Anyone from malaysia? I love cool stuff just like everyone here hope to meet more cool people in malaysia or oversea...