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  1. Born again

    Okay so I never post but I'm working on it. Mostly all I have are questions like: what IS yee chuan? What make yee chuan Tao Kung Fu different? I need recommendations for training Fu in San fransico. I'm not really new but I needed to start fresh.
  2. Chi Kung and smoking

    Does anyone know of any Chi kung practice that can be used to cleanse the lungs super fast. I'm guessing that Chi kung does this over time anyway, but I need a seriously serious kind of healing breathing technique after many years of smoking. I wonder if I can fully repair the damage that I have done to my lungs these last nine years. I started smoking at the age of 13. I suppose it will take a long time and hard work. I am looking for any leads on a "quick fix".
  3. Tanglang (mantis) boxing

    Have you guys ever seen anything like this?? Is anyone a student of Bow Sim Mark?
  4. The Tao of Tai Chi I found this video while searching for Taoist music. The movement is the music.