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  1. What is the Most Common Problem...

    My most common problem is, how can i practise the Tao when i have a 4 year old and a 9 year old constantly fighting with each other and demanding material goods all of the time, It drives me so mad that i end up swearing at them. This is not the way i wish to live but am driven towards it.
  2. Experiencing nothing while meditating!

    Dont want to scare you Patrick but, you mention coming to with a powerful electric shock feeling, i to used to have these for months my whole body would jolt, then suddenly one morning i had a heart attack, i was aged 25, i have never had the shocks since. Get yourself checked out i would say. Good luck
  3. the tao bums map

    Ended up adding twice as well sorry
  4. Dr Wayne W Dyer Book on Tao

    Cheers Mal will check out recommendations. I know you will all laugh your pants off, but i loved The Tao Of Pooh Got it fir 50 pence, good read.
  5. Dr Wayne W Dyer Book on Tao

    Excellent reply, thank you
  6. Should Li Jiong be banned from Tao Bums

    Should anyone trying to find enlightenment through The Tao make anyone feel uncomfortable, is this not against what we are trying to achieve.
  7. Dr Wayne W Dyer Book on Tao

    What would be a good book as an introduction to the Taoist way other than the tao teh Ching of course
  8. Dr Wayne W Dyer Book on Tao

    I have just started reading this book as an introduction to the Tao, and find that he keeps refering to God and quoting "say a pray for such and such" in his daily living with Tao ideas. Has anyone else read this book and agree that he sees Tao in a religious way or am im getting the wrong grasp on the book.
  9. Free Seminar Preview

    I recommend this site to all especially new comers like myself. Well done keep it coming
  10. Finaly I Found You

    Wooooah hang on what is macrobiotic and retension im new to this, where does tao fit in to this Thanks
  11. Looking for a home

    Hi all, I have been on a quest to try and discover religion and came to the end of it after many years and found that it is all non relevent to me. Then i discovered The Tao. This has changed my life it is exactly what i was looking for. I will follow this forum and hopefully learn a lot from your good selves. I edited this as i felt saying religion is bull s*** was a bit strong and offensive i appologise