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  1. focus

    One way to focus is to involve other people and social commitments in your practice. For example, if you are teaching a class or attending one, then you'll have a minimum commitment that you are obligated to keep. There's a sacrifice of autonomy but it's one many people choose to make. It's okay to study many things. Follow your values and follow your inspiration. You'll naturally be led to practices to which you'll happily commit! good luck.
  2. Dao De Jing, 1st Chapter - 老子:第一章

    Look to neuroscience and you'll find that we are hardwired for delusion. It's a glorious miraculous delusion but it's still delusion. Plato and his teacher said it. Lao Zi said it too. A being of thoughts and experiences must draw close to that place which is not thoughts or experiences, but gives rise to both. That's the gateless gate. The place where the Gate fades into not-Gate. It's not profound or not-profound. It is what it is. Sitting down there, we can watch everything be born.
  3. Wandering Dharmabum says Amitofo :-)

    Special thanks to Sean for your link to The Mystique of Transmission. Your reference just opened up a stream of other connections that may be very significant for me. Amitofo! Welcome to Fagong Shakya.
  4. My Intro

    Thank you!
  5. My Intro

    I suppose I've come here to meet you all. Let's see...Alive right now. Among 6.4 billion others like me. And many other very interesting companions. Of course to observe the patterns of things is a must. And a wonderful opportunity. moving every day, every life, from wood to fire to earth to metal to water and back to... thank goodness!