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  1. What are the limits of the physical body?

    Well, I certainly read an account about the letters of ancient China. There was a sign - "eight people" that is linked to 船 - ship. It seems to point the entry of the eight people of Noah's family into the ark. This event took place in 3000BC , and the invention of Han characters by Cang Ji took place shortly afterwords. There is some book that analysed more than 130 Han characters, and studied possible blood links between ancient Hans and Noah... They said something about Japheth beeing linked with beauty of nature. The book of Enoch talks in detail about these events. There are links with the mysteries of Egypt, aliens, giants, and many other things. Any info that can help us grow in cultivation is welcomed on this forum.
  2. ...t vehicle to this :)

  3. Hey! Just noticed the comment you left me on my page.

    Yeah, that was an interesting topic. I've since noticed the employment of meditation bells and how they fade into the ether; the same surta was looking at how monks reached attainment by recognizing the the way different sense phenomena dissappeared into nothingness; then Buddha went on speak about how sound is the bes...

  4. Healing Love

    Hi Wilson, I sent you a message. Peace and Blessings
  5. Thanks a lot ! I found a reference to this "Penetration Through Sound", the first of the "Twenty-five Methods of Complete Penetration" "When questioned by the Buddha, I interpreted them correctly and the Tathagata sealed my awakening by naming me Ajnata (The Wondrous Sound Is Secret and Complete). I attained Arhatship by means of sound. As the Buddha now asks about the best means of perfection, to me sound is the best according to my personal experience." It seems that this method of enlightenment through sound is also used in Zen (sometimes reffered to as "suizen" or blowing zen)
  6. Thank you for your wise comment!

    It really helped me a lot.

    Peace and blessings !

  7. In Mysterious Scripture of the Grand Cavern one can read about The Five Difficulties 1.Giving to the poor when one is oneself poor 2.studying the Dao when one is rich and powerful 3.Controling one's destiny to achieve deathlessness 4.Being able to see the scriptures 5.Being born at the time when the Sage of the Latter Age will appear One difficulty which I see is controlling your thoughts when there are drips in the sea of consciousness. If someone would inject you with steroids directly in the brain, would you "ride your thoughts" or would you "being ridden by the thoughts"? Could you maintain perfect clarity and stillness in these conditions? Or someone who is awake and already enlightened, can maintain his enlightenment when somebody physically covers his pineal gland with toxins and steroids? Can a person lose his enlightenment? And if yes, how can he get it back if he has the difficulties described above?
  8. Well, there have been some interesting replies. I agree with you, the concept is to remove the dust, to return to your inner child, to lose rather then to gain. Yesterday on another post I read about a story in which initial stages of meditation induced emotions like anger, crying, anxiety - and then the guy stopped the meditation just when he started to make some progress. The reason I posted here about this sound is because a really cool story about a friend of mine. He took a lot of ginseng for many years and then became ill with some autoimune disease. The doctors prescribed him steroids (prednisone). Apparently the steroids combined with ginseng gave a really nasty effect, and he become manic for a couple of days. I know this as I visited him at the hospital. Anyway, they released him, and after a couple of years in which he complained of constant tinnitus, I met him the other month. He showed me this picture He said that one day he listened to the sound of tingsha bell Meditation (see the youtube link) on loud volume, and felt that something vibrate inside of head. Then felt that something breaks into pieces and had a terrible headache for 2 days. He is a very quiet guy, but in these 2 days he said he became very agitated like being on steroids again. And here comes the big thing: on the third day he experienced a surge of melatonin and slept like a baby, best sleep in the last 15 years. The only reasonably explanation for this (and I agree with him) is that his pineal gland was covered with toxins (from the steroids doctors gave him). You all hear about fluoride and calcification of pineal gland. He always felt something was there and when he went to sleep, he felt his head trembling (maybe the release of melatonin was blocked by toxins ?) . Anyway, after he heard the sound, the pineal gland which is crystal and has piezoelectric qualities, went into vibration. The things on it shattered in pieces, and he is now a changed man. No tinnitus, no disease, just cool, relaxed. He listens to the sound every day now and said it reminds him of some feeling from his childhood. I know this guy from 5th grade so I know he's telling the truth, we're good friends. There must be something with the sound after all, otherwise it would not be called Medicine Buddha ... Of course this is not full Enlightenment, maybe some initial phase. The thing is, I read a story about a Zen monk. One early morning, while he was listening to the monastery bell, he experienced the small temporary enlightenment. After many years, more experiences and meditation, had two or three experiences like this (only longer and deeper?) and then he obtained full definitive enlightenment. So I think there must be something to this.
  9. I read about a discussion between two enlightened buddist monks... don't remember where The youngest asked the master about the quickest way to reach enlightment, and the master replied there are many paths, but the quickest is through sound. Did any of you reached enlightment this way? Can you share specific sounds, ideas, etc? I found a very special file on youtube that really works at quieting the monkey mind. The frequency of the sound has deep and profound effects, has some vibrational qualities. Please share your thoughts.
  10. Purifying the heart

    Hi Matt, and thanks for sharing your wonderful experience ! I found a great video for the heart. Inner Smile and heart healing sound seem to be very healing too. I must implement all these into my daily practice. Please share more info about the heart meridian.
  11. Purifying the heart

    I found here a picture with the nine steps of "disciplining the heart" The picture is bellow (just click it) However I do not understand what the symbols mean. (and the chinese characters) And about the timing - these nine steps must be done before one starts the waterwheel or it is something that goes parallel with the Internal Alchemy practice? Please enlighten me with this - I have searched for an answer and found none...
  12. Hi Non, I am also a weak person. When I was dumped by a girl I loved much, I went home and was kinda restless. In my mind i wondered: "Is this the faimous lovers pain - which killed so many? What exactly is this pain, did I lose something now that I am alone ?" Then I searched the internet and I found a taoist text that changed my pain forever . Love and blessings to you , my friend.
  13. Yin Convergence Classic

    Hi. I read Yin Convergence Classic but never read this words... they are on a very high level... Hexagram 23 and "Life is an endless inconceivable mysterious wonder." Where do you take this from ? What kind of books did you study ? Is there a book that has this comments ?
  14. Well I certainly see a trend. I also have a feeling that something is unfinished here... Remember the old Taoist saying. "When the Jing is full there is no more sexual desire" Look at the article bellow. The mystery of Jing is contained within it PPAR Gamma is a human receptor involved in fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism. When we are little, we tend to have little adipocyte (fat cells) and strong bones filled with marrow (where the Jing is). As we age, a switch is activated in stem cell activity. They no longer add to bone strength, but to fat... So, we understand what the old taoist have said, that when one is fat, is harder to keep the pure energy inside bones. I feel that fasting has many benefits in here. Not only do we keep serotonin and transform it into something more subtle, but our bones will be more healty and more efficient. The "spontaneous orgasms" will occur only in the beginning (as wet dreams) but as the three worms are being weakened that will happen more and more rarely. Seratonin is an amine-derived hormone, different from steroid hormones. The later are not really implicated in spiritual development, only physical. We as humans cannot have it both ways, so we have to choose. Strengthening one will weaken the other. Of course, in the world nobody will tell the whole truth about all this. Just look how many advertise Androgens, Estrogens, Progestins, Vitamin D and the other. The deceiver has many webs and the one who runs contrary to the Way of the World will be attacked, in order to cover his defeat. I'm still waiting for someone who has walked this path to share his experiences. Harmony and love
  15. All the info I've got comes from the Internet. I was hoping someone would give us more information in here (especially practical)...