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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "the stupidity of moral indignation is the unfailing sign in a philosopher that his philosophical sense of humor has left him." -nietzsche "what appears to be the established order of present day civilization is actually only the inert but spectacular momentum of a high velocity vehicle whose engine has already stpped functioning." -arguelles
  2. The feminization of the Western male?

    our one sided fixation on prioritizing a masculine rationality, seeking to dominate nature, over feminine intuition. everything feminine has undergone a profound depreciation, bywhich our Western psyche has evolved. this depreciation includes not only women but the intuitive and shamanic forms of thought denigrated by our rigidly masculine rationality... i think that says it... "act like a man"... so there is no being in a man?
  3. i just started reading daniel pinchbeck's book 2012 (after reading one of his earlier works)... i am just looking for some people to pose questions and musings to... maybe someone reading it right now or maybe you have already read it... any takers? (oh yea, also if you wanna play a set of tennis, i am down for that too)
  4. Sacred Geometry, Pinchbeck, Crop Circles?

    just reading 2012 right now... half done... so i guess the aliens came down to the maya and gave them many numbers that made sense and the maya depicted future space travel on the top of one of their kings sarcophagus'... seems the crop circles are really info aimed at a more advanced society... even euclid and his minions didnt discover those other geometric theorems... gotta go to england
  5. New To This...

    I just did a search on Daniel Pinchbeck and crop circles... i was looking for info on the geometry theorems that were discovered in the UK crop circles... now i am here :0