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    That's very interesting. If you have trained with master Yeyoung why are you inquiring if he is legit? I understand if you cant afford it, everybody has a budgit, but are you REALLY questioning his accomplishments as a master.It is absolutely fine "to teach yourself" something "you don't know". People have free will to do as they please. Unfortunately the "masters of old" originally had no one to teach them this new art. But through oral tradition of student master relationships and thousands of years, the art of chi gong was perfected. In a different culture and time where your entire life could revolve in persuit of perfection. It seems highly unlikely you can ever achieve these results with an American new age chi gong book. In between going to work and any normal American lifestyle. I'm not against reading about chi gong I would definitely encourage somebody to learn about basic theory. If for some reason you cant find a teacher or cant afford one, I'm not against trying chigong either. Just don't be disillusion by thinking you will get the same results. Despite what some new age books tell you. How can you guarantee faster results with Hundan? If have not trained with Yeyoung for any significant amount of time? Unfortunately with chi qong their is no fastllane. Only time and effort! I have learned a LOT from Master Yeyoung and would give him the highest possible recommendation.
  2. Insight

    I was looking for awhile to find a real master. It was starting to be a lost cause. Everybody claimed this or that but those are only words. Their true knowledge was shallow and incomplete. So I read a lot and tried it myself. That was a mistake! Even the books say you should find a master. But I was eager to learn. I felt nothing for a long time. Then out of no where, It felt like I was having a heart attack and my body surged with energy. It was very scary I could not go to sleep all night. So I quickly gave up that idea. Chi is very real! Then I came across his web site. I contacted him, on the phone then meet him in person after talking with him he seemed very knowledgeable. He explained by learning yourself or with a unqualified instructor you either learn nothing of value or enough to cause great harm to yourself. While never realizing your true potential.In the meanwhile you spend your money and years of your life for nothing. I have been training with him for some time. So I'm basing my opinion, on my personal experience with him. Everything on his website is accurate. He is a great teacher and I consider him family. I hope our paths continue throughout my life. ( sorry about the "Thai" chi ) Hope you find what your looking for.
  3. Insight

    Few people do aspire and accomplish feats in scholarship as well as taichi, chi gong, and neidan. But i can certainly attest to yeyoungs credentials as a grand master in all these studies. He far exceeds that of a teacher and is a living testimony to the heir of the yeyoung literatia lineage. Their are many people teaching thai chi and chiqong today. Very few know the real meaning of this type of work. If you want the "real" benefits of taichi or chigong you "need" a real master. This is a great chance, don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best. I personally study with master yeyoung and have had a tremendous change in energy(chi) and spirtuality. With any true art it's about time and energy if you want to excel. Good luck in your journey.
  4. introduction

    Hello, I'm glad to join this forum. I have been searching the way for some time. I am very fortunate to have finally found a true master to guide me in my life study's. Now I look forward to a lifetime of trying to walk that path.