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  1. Origins of Taoism

    Hi everyone Thanks for all the posts and help, Taoism is very old and from my research so far, like so many other systems it has its roots in ancient shamanistic practices. The "great white brotherhood" reference was very helpful if not a little odd! Thank you Stigweard for your references to Fuxi and your comments very helpful. Thanks again
  2. Origins of Taoism

    Hi there I am doing some research and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the origin of Taoism? Has anyone heard of the Sons and Daughters Of Reflective Light, if so do you have any information regarding them? Many thanks
  3. Greetings and hello

    Hi everyone, I stumbled on this human form some years ago, it feels comfortable at present so relaxing and doing loads of nothing. Randomly bumped into this forum when looking for something so thought I would join and see how the bums are finding their seats.