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  1. The power of Internal Martial Arts

    The path of a real Internal kung fu fighter is really hard work. Still even to this day i honestly believe that internal martial arts is only for the few. I'll put it like this. In the good old days of internal martial art training would go like this. 1. You would do some form of qigong that would be full of strengthening and stretching exercises. 2. A few week s go by and sifu would then teach you various forms of standing and sitting meditations. For now you would practice these like they were your martial art techniques. You would practice this for a few hrs a day everyday. And during this time you would not be able to have an ejaculation and you had to eat really good. 3. You would do this internal training for like 5yrs straight. This is what builds your foundation. 4. About after the second yr Sifu would teach you how to move your energy in basic fundamental patterns. This is to be practiced along with your daily internal training practice. 5. You did not even learn any martial arts until the chi could be felt flowing out of your hands like like water pouring out of a cup. 6. Now after this foundation is made you are now ready to learn how to move your energy in martial postures and learn internal energy techniques. 7. Your foundation also laid the ground work for you to have a low level iron body. Which now has to be developed and fine tuned with sensitvity training which comes from the partner training. 8. once the form is learned you then learn how to circulate the energy inside and outside the body as you do the form. Then you learn moving drills with your partner and you learn how to circulate energy between you two. 9. Then you learn to project and circulate this energy between you and your partner at a distance. (You also still do your internal training practice everyday) If your doing internal martial arts and you say your dedicated but you havent put the time in focus build up your chi and become good with it then your just wasting your time. but dont listen to me. Just wait till you come across a real internal fighter who for the first 5yrs of his training did nothing but intense internal chi alchemy and he still practices everyday. I will say this if you train right you will reach a point to where emissions wont drain you. This is one of the may many points of just putting in the time and building your foundation. If you put 4hrs a day of chi building and training after 5yrs you will have a great foundation and everyone who hasnt done that really wont be a problem for you. With just a touch you could make them fly over 15ft and you were just being nice. You could have done a lot worse if you wanted. If your an internal martial artist and your not training like that but you have been training for a few yrs and you plan to train for the rest of your life. are you doing man up and understand that your chi cultivation is the center of your art martial art is just an expression of your internal energy. You can fight, heal, astral travel, and so on with it. In this age of deception most people think that putting in yrs of sitting and standing meditation is just a waste of time! -Think about that. When i do and i realize that most people actually think that! and when i think about that I feel a terrible hurt in my heart because it is then i realize they just do not know really what an internal martial artist has and what it is really like for us. We experience life and combat in a way a way that is very different than other people.

    Im really not impressed with the guy whom this thread is about. So what he could generate heat. H e wasnt good enough to light the all of that news paper on fire. John Chang made his video a long long time ago when he lit that news paper on fire. And this guy still cant do it!???!??!? Humpf.... A john chang he will never be. Let me guess this man who has been practicing has at least 10yrs of chi training right? and he still cant do it. Even if he didnt have enough chi to to ignite the news paper he should have known enough to manipulate his internal power so he could lit it. This tells me that he really doesnt train his internal power. This is what im talking about. If you can generate heat from your palm to where it comes out like a stream. While the heat is just streaming out of your palm do a snapping thrust so that the stream curls on it self. This will create a ball of heat(what some would say is a fire ball). Its all about how much of your energy hits the target at once. I would just like to say this if you train in a real system then you should be about your work and train train train. When i first started training i trained 4hrs a day in energy training. As taoist in this time of non beleif. You have to remember these people we live and work with dont believe in anything and this does have an effect on you it will result in most cultivators to practicing less ex like an hr a day or less. Never forget what we practice is amazing and what we get is amazing so dont be amazed at some parlor tricks. Also what i see going on i dont like. There is nothing wrong for wanting to do or experience something amazing. What is wrong is to lust after it and not make your main goal righteousness. I see alot of practitioners training and not giving praise to god. and that' s wrong. What did you come to taoism for? For lust or to grow and be liberated from the fakeness of this world and to see and communitcate with the real world as it is. Never forget You can practice energy arts all day but if your spirit isnt in it then it isnt spiritual it is just an internal exercise. Please stop lusting demons can put thoughts in your head remember your yi gives you reason for being. Somethings are decided by heaven as far as what you will go thru in life but heaven doesnt decide where your heart in mind was at when you were going thru it. Be aware of what thoughts are yours and what are demonic illusions. This comes from knowing your self and listening and feeling your inner self so you know when thoughts arrive that is so not you then you know it is not of you. Something is pushing you in that direction. The chi kung state of mind helps you be you. Believe in your self energy and form make faith because if you dont beleive in it then the energy loses form and is torn about by outside forces. Just be good for goodness sake- there is alot of wisdom in that saying. Put your energy back in house and believe in your self. Lust is not the way. Belief and faith is. Lust degrades from love and makes you feel less than you are. Real divine love when experienced makes you feel priceless. My sifu project it into me and i just had this incredible feeling that said you are priceless there will never be another you it was an overwhelming sense of that. Oh yeah with all this stuff going on with DV i remember when JC was told by his master to stop teaching all of his western students now. Now looking at what is going on with DV its like JC's master knew funny isnt it.
  3. David Verdesi

    Well i have heard enough. This is what i want to see. A youtube video of David demonstrating his chi. AND A senior student of his demonstrating chi. This way everyone knows he has it and that he can pass it on to other people under his instruction. This should be no big deal being that Jc broke his oath and made two videos. Right I want to see the juice. All im sayin.
  4. Avatar: The last airbender

    Hey if you like the avatar check this out you can watch the whole series here i built this whole site from scratch. You can sign up have friends and all that good stuff. Nothing makes it on my site if its not cool. check out the trailer for the coming avatar movie. looks pretty sweet. The regular series.
  5. Avatar: The last airbender

    I liked Toph. She was a blind earthbending master at the age of 12 who surpassed her master and invented metal bending. When Aang found her she was the undefeated underground fighting champ. Toph was the baddest one on that show.
  6. anyone know meditation relating to time-future/past ?

    Yes that is exactly it. You can send chi to a specific traumatic moment with an intent to heal it. You can also send chi to a particular event that developed over time. In example is I healed a woman who wasn't really sick or ill but i sent chi to her lungs everytime she put them out of balance you see she was a smoker. And her lungs felt incredibly better. It has to be done a few times but yes it does lessen the damage we have done to our selves. Yes i send chi to myself to different times of my life to sop and bring about changes in my life. You see there are many qualities that make up a mature responsible secure adult. With this method i am able to heal these type of blockages ones that stop a person from being more mature, secure, studious and so on. These are personalty traits there were learned over time and these energies in your aura became more dominate. The healing i discovered alters your energetic makeup. This heals the energy of you nothing else but in doing so changes you. This is the first time i discussed this publicly so im trying to do the best i can.
  7. anyone know meditation relating to time-future/past ?

    Yes i do. Every one knows that you can send chi to any place but did you know that you can send chi to any time? This is something I recently discovered and i made a particular healing method from it. I have had great success with this. I do this with close friends and students. If done properly and continually this can also work as a cultivation method for self improvement how? Well as a living creature on this earth you change continually by the things you do, eat, think, and so on that determine how you grow. And in this process you develop blockages and release some that determine the qualities of your life and im just not talking about health. Health is one aspect being more responsible, business minded, intuitive, and so on are others that are qualities of beings. You are in a constant state of flux. Your like an evolving ball of energy that is always changing. Your aura emits different kinds of energies about you that is in communication with the energy environment. Depending on how you live and where you are at certain energies of your aura expand and others get hampered. The healing method I offer heals those energies at that time to bring about change in you now. The results of this are amazing because it just doesn't heal but it changes the evolution of wanted changes emerging in your self. The best way i can say this is that we are bonsai trees.
  8. Want to be a moderator of The Tao Bums?

    Ok This is a little off topic but this thread reminded me of something I am selling my website because I am too busy. Here is some info below. Hello I am the owner of an anime streaming site. This is very easy and cheap to run. I have built the best anime site on the net none of my competitors have what i have. Members can sign up, have profiles, friends, and can favorite videos, and have playlists. I get paid from my advertisers every month like clockwork. The shows on my site all have a cult following there are over 1,200 members on this site. I get paid every month from this site. Instead of taking it down i decided to pass it on to some one else. This is perfect for someone who is out of work and does not know how to build and market a website. There is no need to worry I will show you everything you need to know to run this site. So if any one is interested please hit me up and once again sorry for the inconvenience but this thread reminded me of this. So if you like dbz and all that stuff then it would pretty cool to get paid off of it. Check out my profile below im everyone's first friend My asking price is $3,000 Please only serious inquiries.
  9. Swine Flu May Cause 90,000 U.S. Deaths, Report Says

    Yeah get this follow the instructions and you will be fine. This heals people of even cancer and a whole bunch of things its a blood purifier(or it purifies the water in your blood) it really works it kills all toxins, fungus, bacteria infections and etc in your blood even the ones your immune system can not detect. This works best if taken daily doing so will purify the blood and thus help the liver it also aids in blood circulation by doing this. Take this practice chikung and you will be fine spread the word but dont take my word for it do your own research.
  10. Was Michael Jackson a Taoist?

    If you mean connecting to the creative essence within letting it flow and projecting it out to the world then yes. There are some people who are decreed by the divine to have a gift that lets that person redistribute creative energy to the whole. Mj's work wore down the barriers between races. He was pushed by a creative energy that even he couldn't understand and when he performed it activated this energy and was felt by the audience and fans. He stayed connected to this energy thru out his career. It was the same for Bruce Lee people like this have an effect on mankind in such a way that helps us to grow. To get in touch with the energy, let it flow, but not to control it but to be its gentle guide. Brought by the divine given the right stimulus anything can grow.
  11. Zeitgeist

    The truth is that no one really does their homework anymore. Because I think it is time. I will expose the truth about Christianity. Christianity has more in common with Buddhism than anything. Jesus spoke about life energy quite a lot in fact the Aramaic word for life energy is "Hayye" To really understand what Jesus was saying you have to know and speak Aramaic once you can do this then you can see what the actual cover up is. Yes it is true the govt did use Christianity to manipulate and control the people but that does not mean that there is no truth behind it at all. Once you understand what he was really saying then you will better understand other religions and spiritual practice. The prayers Jesus did was actually a form of qigong more like a mantra that would awaken the heart chakra. These mantras where called "body prayers" it is an actual method of awakening. I know these body prayers. Now with your permission I would like to do a direct translation of Jesus' sayings from Aramaic to english so you can see for your self and directly see how the truth was hidden from you. King James version- "Let not your heart; ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you onto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And wither I go ye know, and the way ye know. Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not wither thou gost; and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me." John 14:1-6 Aramaic Translation- Don't let your heart be divided or weakened because I am going: Root your confidence and trust within Sacred Unity, The Ground and Source of All, just as you have rooted yourselves in my trust of the One Reality. Inside this living, creating reality of the Parent of the Cosmos, you will find many way stations to turn in rest, abundant temporary housing for the growing awareness of your own divine image the reflection of the divine "I AM" to stay awhile before it journeys further. If this were not so, and you only had one chance, I would have told you. That is why I'm going ahead, returning to the Holy One, creating in my wake a fusion and infusion of Divine Light and consciousness, a station where you can rest, an opportunity to follow my soul on the same journey. As "I" go, my soul simply finds it's own level, my divine image rises and moves toward the first Beginning, where "Let us make humanity..." is the real life. The true "I" that you see in me, the living ideal you hold that has inspired you with love and devotion, just reflects your own divine "I AM." this reflection is always traveling to and returning form the Source of All Being. Where that "I Am" really is is where you are and can be, consciously. You already know the way you have it in your hand. Thomas said, "How will we recognize this level and find the steps to reach it?" Jesus replied, "The I Am your own innermost reflection of the One constructs the path for you. It shows you one step after another, tells you which way to turn when you reach a crossroads and gives you energy to travel further. No one goes anywhere, to the Source of Creation or otherwise, if not within and with the innermost reflection of the divine I Am. This is the same way that I am going now." To say that the King James version left out a few things or inaccurately translated somethings is an understatement. Below are some side notes that I will also give you to show you how I translated the words and so you will also better understand what Jesus said. Side notes- The Aramaic word for the "place" that Jesus goes to prepare, atra, refers to a mode of consciousness, or a station of life. It is used in the same sense as the Hebrew makom, the station of place of the Holy One that the angels celebrate in Ezekiel's vision(3:12). The Peshitta Aramaic version uses atra to translate this word in it's version of the Ezekiel passage. The Holy One's "place" is not a physical or mental dwelling place, but rather a fusion and infusion of the divine self-hood, a distillation of the One being;s unknowable mystery. The "house" and "mansions" that Jesus mentions follow the same metaphor. Baita (house) means a space within something else, in this case the whole parenting and creating process of the cosmos. The rooms (form awanu) are literally way stations or temporary resting places. There are not only many of these way stations, but an ever increasing number(form the Aramaic word sagiya), an adundance of places for one's soul-consciousness to consolidate itself and then move on. The Aramaic word for prepare (tayeb) comes from the same root as the word for good, ripe, or blessed(taba). It means getting something ready so that it can be used or found at the right time, to fulfill its function in the divine purpose. When Jesus says that he is "going," the Peshitta has him use the word ezal, which means to find one's own level. In this case Jesus' soul, which has fully completed itself a a reflection of the divine "I Am," rises or attenuates itself so that it seems to ascend. This leaves a wake in the world of the breath-spirit(Aramaic ruha) that his disciples can follow and through which they can contact Jesus'"I Am," his divine image, which continues to travel toward its fulfillment in the Holy One. The whole discussion with Thomas ( and later with Phillip) about "knowing" the way revolves around the Aramaic word yida, which points to having something in one's hand, the power to act. Again Jesus reminds them of thier own feeling connection between the small "I" and the only "I Am." In this connection he reminds them that "I Am" is the way or path(urha), the sense of the right direction at a crossroads(shara) and the life enrgy to travel the path (hayye). In 14:7, Jesus modifies the word yida(to know) with a form of the word hewa, which indicates potential existence or the power of something, even if it is not realized. I saw the movie Zeitgist and it almost implies that the teachings of Christ is fake or untrue. The only thing this movie does honestly exposes is the fact that the govt does not want people to reach any form of enlightenment on a major scale. So they took one path and twisted the teachings so that the people would better adhere to the govt. Now if this movie is promoting antichristain views and it persuades people to leave it then those people who were building virtue are now building nothing. Do you see how the manipulation goes! If the person who made this movie may actually be part of the the controlling factor of this society. And to due to this deception the controlling factors are able to sustain and maintain numerous wars. Blessed are you who followed your heart in the pursuit of enlightenment. I posted all of this so those who have the heart the same heart that told you to strive for enlightenment can bathe in the truth the great truth that Jesus like Buddha came for the enlightenment of all.

    This is the one place i think we should talk about this. There is no one's opinion i trust more than that of other taoists. So with that. I believe that the elite really do want to push this new world order as fast as possible. For various reasons and they are all bad. I am ex military i was trained in counter terrorism and i believe that this is the time for all practitioners of energy arts to be currently and actively practicing their art. This is not the time to be slacking on your training.
  13. Hope...

    I don't trust it. Be only concerned with your own salvation and throw life rafts to those in throwing distance. Know this if you jump in the water to save them you may drown too. So the wise man always has at least 2 life rafts mainly for himself but he can use the extra one to possibly help save someone else. So in this way he leaves the door open for himself and others. Only when one has reached a certain level of being able to protect one self that he is able to protect others that may be unknowingly guided to his presence for that reason. Evil can only act as it exist and that is with the promise of good. Think about that.
  14. Kunlun Seminars Level 2-3

    When is that movie coming out! I have been waiting like forever for it.
  15. - power to the people

    The user smile is exactly right I could not have said it better myself. I amazed at people now days they let themselves so easily be manipulated. I also have something against a lot of high level chi kung/nei kung masters who knows what is going on in the world but yet choose to do nothing about it. We of the nei chia community need to come together and help as many people as we can.