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    You're seeing it in a very strange light. The current centre of focus is on people like Dr Olaf Blanke who are studying this in great detail. Using electrodes to stimulate the angular gyrus of one of his patients he has been able to induce, in part, OOBEs. Of interest is that he has been reported as stating that one his patients was capable of reporting on events taking place beyond their sensory range. He says that more research is required. In an endeavour to intellectualize what is going on he has made an attempt to liken the effects of an out of body experience to elements of schizophrenia but psychologists are in general disagreement of this as most studies indicate that schizophrenia is related more closely with genetics. Worth mentioning is that it is not being referred to as an out of body experience but 'autoscopy' (they have different meanings but have much in common). For a part, they are indistinguishable. I have no intention of arguing in favour of this any longer as there is a wealth of scientific material available. The international conference dedicated to the discussion of near death experiences aside, all verification should be performed on your own. If you are 'lucky' enough to have a shared experience which you can validate later on then you are doubly 'blessed'. I have no intention of defending this any further, I acted on impulse and it's rather draining. I've said my piece. Sod the argument.
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    I haven't posted anything regarding astral dynamics here. I saw it mentioned in a discussion thread wherein someone was asking questions but me, being a new member and unable to post, had to sit by as people ridiculed it. Many of you cry for practical instruction and when it's given to you, you can't even see it. I don't have a website, I don't care if you take an interest in the AD forum community or not. Again, you miss the point. I do not want to be here. I see a few sincere people who are in the worst possible place and I feel very sorry for them. Regarding new age, I don't care for it. My only interest is in what works and thorough verification of it. I'm glad that you edited out that 'poem' expressing your state of self-pity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Astral Dynamics has been a tremendous amount of help to me. It eased me out of my christian dogma and explained what was happening when I would find myself awake and floating around my sleeping space. It gave good advice and solid exercises to help stimulate the energy body. Thousands of people have benefited from this book and it has gotten thousands more talking about a subject they were once too afraid to for fear of ridicule. It has brought people together so we can all expand upon our knowledge by detailing our experiences, shared and subjective alike. Yes, it hit a nerve when some punk started bad mouthing it. I'm sorry about that.
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    You have my guarantee that nothing of any significance will come from this place. All it serves to do is hype erroneous practices and inflate egos. This is so obvious to me that I feel pity for anyone who has made an emotional investment here. Most of you have nothing to show for the time you have spent besides your child-like mimicry of concepts you will never understand for as long as you will 'live'. If the people you are trying to prize information from refuse to disclose it willingly then they are simply not worth your time. You are better off making mistakes and pushing yourself to find answers in a realm of consciousness. That way you can at least share your findings rather than wait for someone to tell you how it's done. Instead, there are those of you who refute anything that isn't related to Taoism, one of the most tainted 'schools' that exists, and in doing so influence everyone else's opinion. Many of you have boxed yourselves in quite thoroughly. Get off your arses for Pete's sake.
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    I don't care about Taoism or whatever you call it. Fact of the matter is unless you find something practical you can learn from you are just wasting your time. This is in response to people rubbishing 'astral dynamics'. I see you all posting on this tao bum forum and what gets to me is that some of you are so arrogant yet you know less than nothing. That is to say, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Some of you are an embarrasment to the human race and to think this place has spiritual connotations of all things. I've been reading through this forum and it's obvious to me that it's full of fanboys who share a point of interest but aren't actually serious about anything to do with it. Some of you will pretend you are getting somewhere with your training when in reality you have deluded yourselves completely. Then there's the matter of people like John Chang who want nothing to do with Taoism yet this place pretty much sums up their entire internet presence, a forum called 'Tao bums'. If he ever needed a reason to keep away from this medium he wouldn't need to look any further than this place I assure you. It's obvious this message will fall on deaf ears but hopefully any newcomers will get a glimpse of it before it gets deleted. The universe doesn't care who discovers its secrets and for any of you to anchor yourselves in this kind of harbor in the hopes of finding something meaningful is so close-minded that it's absolutely maddening to watch. This place is stagnant. /rant