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  1. Freaky dream

    Thanks for your input. I felt like it was a positive dream. Right now, I do 5 elements Quigong to warmup. Then sit in front of a heater in the Burmese position while listening to a Dane Spotts meditation cd. If I listen to it laying down, I fall asleep everytime. I just focus on breathing. I am trying to quiet my mind as I have way to much inner dialog. My job is boring so I tried to keep myself busy with inner dialog and letting my mind wander but I am realizing it isn't good.
  2. Freaky dream

    Hello all, I am new here and have just started meditation. Yesterday, I had a vivid dream where I went to the toilet to urinate and as I was standing I began to pee dark thick blood. Anyone else had this one? This was a first for me. ps. I am a man.
  3. David Blaine the magician?

    Anyone see the David Blaine video where he lets Kimbo Slice (MMA fighter) punch him in the belly? Iron Shirt Chi Kung?
  4. Hello

    Hello, I am posting to gain access to the personal practice section. I am a beginner and looking for suggestions of good qigong dvd's. My first dvd is 5 Elements Qigong by Master Zhongxian Wu. It's shorter than I expected.