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  1. Senator Obama or Senator McCain ?

    I regard all mainstream politicians as simply 'economy managers' committed to maintaining a system which cares nothing for the ordinary people. They are in my mind 'the enemy'.
  2. Living Tao In The World

    Some years ago I came across a passage in a book which described anything which is truly important as having at least one of the following four characteristics; GOODNESS, TRUTH, WISDOM, BEAUTY. Only then can the subject be considered important and therefore possibly worthy of defence. I often apply this to problems and issues in my life, just playing around in my head with the idea. It can be very good for putting things in perspective.
  3. Hello from a Londoner

    Hi all For a long while now I have been giving some thought to the existence of a 'spiritual side' to things and on occasion something seems to give me a little push. So I thought I had better start looking into the matter. That is me, I hope to meet you on the journey. Bob