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  1. My Kingdom For A Cigarette

    So it is day three and I am feeling a lot better actually. I mean i still want to smoke but I don't think I physically NEED it anymore
  2. My Kingdom For A Cigarette

    Well, I was down to a half a pack a day before I decided to do this. My schedule is kinda grueling and I totally know what you mean by "need to smoke" versus "want to smoke." The problem with this is once I promise myself one later if I make it so far, or I cut deals with myself I just end up back at square one. I'm a quiet eccentric IRL... if I started yelling at people they would probably have me put away The main thing I'm noticing now is how tired I am... Is there a way to make up for sleep through meditation? I've been looking into it and a lot of it seems like it could work and then a lot of it seems like that might be b.s.
  3. Need a mantra

    I usually use "Quiet, you." In an attempt to not only quiet the errant thinking but to also acknowledge the separation between my Higher Self and my monkey brain...
  4. Hello

    Thank you both very much.
  5. Haiku Chain

    Singing heals my tongue clicking like an obscene clock with no direction
  6. Hello

    I have been looking to Taoism for awhile as an answer to a longing that I've had to know what's going on. I was an Atheist for a long time but I can't really make that claim anymore because there HAS to be something I'm missing. I still don't believe in a personified deity and this seemed like it might make the most sense.