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  1. The Taoist Mystic

    I have been very impressed at how you explain things. I am not all that well read in Taoism, but I do observe things around me. I have realized within the last couple of years just how much this "society" we have built up influences our actions, emotions, and general well being. It is odd, but, we seem to literally be slaves to ourselves. TV adds, billboards, friends, neighbors, governments, they all tell us how to live. We seem to forget often that if we can listen to ourselves we will find we already know how to live. The confusion is in the telling, not in the living. Thanks for thought provoking posts. Best, Jason
  2. Haiku Chain

    Eternally born of nature I tarry now ever present spring
  3. Greetings to all

    Hello Tao Bums, My name is Jason. I am a 30 year old returned college student living in Logan UT (it's about as far north in Utah as you can get). About 2 years ago while I was living in Las Vegas I was introduced to the Tao by a man named Steven Baugh. I left Las Vegas in order to pursue a college education, however, in leaving Las Vegas I also left behind the only person that I know of that knows anything about Tao. In the interim I have basically been living my life according to what I feel is a sound philosophy of being a good person to everyone and trying to take care of my body and mind. I have joined this group in order that I may learn more about Tao, and be able to incorporate more of Taoist practice into my life. At the moment I dedicate most of my time to school and Wing Chun, in so doing I have been stunned at what humans are capable of if body and mind are taken care of. I am excited to read through the information here, and possibly take part in some conversations. Thank you very much, Best, Jason