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  1. Learning Baguazhang

    More than either Hsing I or T'ai Chi, Ba Gua demands a teacher. Besides blowing out your knees, there are simply too many subtlties that simply cannot be transmitted through a book or video. Personally, I have spent ten years walking the circle under the guidance of a Ba Gua master and am still learning its complexities.
  2. sinking to dan tien

    I've used both sitting and standing meditation and found that standing meditation (along with proper spinal alignment) to be the superior method for sinking the chi. FYI ... it feels like something literally dropped from your back when it happens. (AT least that was my experience.)
  3. Hi from a T'ai Chi Bum

    Hiya, I'm a 20 year T'ai Chi practitioner with a great interest in how Taoism applied to real life. Rumpole