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  1. Does Thinking Stop?

    Very interesting question, and one that is often discussed in many forms. In most discussions and what we read about, such as in meditation, we are told that it stops. Then again, some say it lessens--which I think is closer to the truth. One question we might give thought to is, Can thought be seperated from mind? On a subtle level, though the vibration of thought has been lessened, thinking probably continues in another form. Wjen we say we observe, what we want to believe is that we are not attaching ourselves to the activity and chatter we observe, but if we see it and recognize it, then what is it in the mind? We can say it's a movement of energy, and chatter is also a movement of energy regardless of its level. In my own experience, when I reach a single point that my mind is fully focused and hits the target of nothingness, where all things disappear, a void appears and something in this void speaks to me. At other times, when I move my consciousness to a single point at the navel "tan tien", and my energy concentrates itself there for a fraction of a second and mind disappears, I experience an explosive surge of energy and light rise in me; it's so powerful that when it happens it actualy lifts me from my seat about an inch into the air. Most of all, when I find that my thoguths have ceased in the mortal state of mind, I leave my body and enter into an OBE experience in full consciousness and journey in the spirit realms. So, in my opinion, thinking can be viewed in different ways. The subconscious thinks in a language of images. The heart thinks in a language of feelings and emotions, the brain in ways we identify as thought, the soul and spirit thinks in its own terms as well, and most of us may just not recognize that we are still thinking. Intuition is perhaps the thinking process of the soul for all we know. Maybe the idea is not so much to struggle with the concept of stopping mind chatter, but rather to recognize that it is simply an expression of energy expressed as...vibration, like anything else around us. If one then gets in touch with the vibration of mental activity, and experiences it for what it truly is in it naked form, then where is the chatter? Ayudar
  2. Dowsing

    There is no real special formula for selecting a pendulum. They put things in books to give readers a guideline to start from. Once you become proficient, however, you find that you no longer follow any guideline of that nature. I find that it is best to chose something based on the energy you feel witing yourself when you are looking at an object you may want to use as a pendulum. I went to Michael's Art Supply store, puchase some jewelry making materials and glue, and now, whenever I need to make a pendulum it only costs me pannies. Some of my pendulums are stones that attract my attention when their colors resonate with me. I look at them for a while and register what I feel. If I walk away from it and it is still on my find, calling me back to it, I buy it and use it. As for the bee in the mouth dream that had to be brought out. This was indication that you needed to express something emotionally at the time and needed to get it out, but eventually managed to get it out--that was a good end--meaning you did manage to find an expression for what you wanted to say. The Toddler was you, meaning that it was time to open up and release a past pattern that wasn't working for you anymore as a man. At one time in my life, my early twenties, I was an emotionally inhibited individual due to my upbringing and very strict father. I had a dream that a parakeet was in my mouth and I couldn't get it out--see the message in that. What does a parakeet do? Where is it stuck? You mentioned interest in a Shamanism book elsewhere. One of the important areas of focus to a Shama is "dream life" and "dreaming." Learn what you can about dream interpretation because it goes hand-in-hand with all things spiritual. It is your most intensive and personal library of stored information and knowledge, but also a relay station for spirit communication. here, what comes to you from other energis is where that infomation is also stored for your future understanding. Ayudar
  3. Dowsing

    I still had the info in my system and will email to you shortly. Ayudar
  4. Dowsing

    Hello Yen Hui, I began pendulum dowsing on my own because I undestood the principles of how the mind, subconscious, and intuitive faculties operate; all of which I derived from thousands of hours of combined study and research in psychology, metaphysics, Graphology analysis, Dream Interpretation, I-Ching analysis, research and experiments, and many many other areas of study and work. By the way, my favorite I-Ching Manual is also the work of Richard Wilhelm--I-Ching Book of Changes. back in the 1970's, I also learned a method of developing a hexagram for eveluating omens. I lost that book but fortunately kept notes on the method. Focusing on pendilum dowsing studies. I read every book I could find, especially the old ones. The British have a long history in this practice and their books are very meticulous with details, especially on Radiathesia and Water Dowsing. I subscribed to The American Dowsing Association in the early 1990's solely to receive their bimonthly magazine and pickup different tips and read their articles. Professionals dowsers give a great deal of attention to certain technical aspects of what they do, and often differs from what another dowser does. This might confuse beginners. The basics, however, applies to everyone. From this point, the best thing to do is discover what works best for you by creating experiments of your own. Example: When I began, I had my wife put water in one of three cups and cover them with a plate while I sat in another room waiting for her to say, "Ready." Using my pendulum, my task was to find the one cup containing water. But even before this test, I held my pendulum over a bowl of water to guage the reaction of my pendulum along with my intuitive feeling. I conducted another test two out of three cups of water; this time salt was added to one of them. My task, lock in on the water containing salt. I was successful in both cases and was able to repeat the test. Then I moved to finding object under the cups, their size, and type material. From there, I applied my own visualization technque in relation to locating people and tapping in on their health issues, which I learned from the Silva Method in the late1970's (they are still around and their course is reasonably priced-includes remote viewing for healing work), and then applied my own pendulum method for health analysis and distance healing. One draws info from one's subconscious library of stored information. The more one understands about how the subconscious mind works, the better. If the mind has already been exposed to something, anything, there is information about it stored away there. This is why the subconscious creates so many colorful combinations of creative activity and images in dreams that we'd all love to have access to on a conscious level. The main thing to learn from pendulum books: cueing in on the thinking process behind the authors mind, and why they develop particular methods for tapping into life's energy vibrations in all areas. Hence, since everything is energy and vibration, you become the primary tool; the pendulum is only an extension of youself which reacts to the focus of your attention. Once you know the basics of using a pendulum and the commonly used charts, and trust your own intuitive process, then, create you can begin creating your own charts for whatever purpose you wish. For health analysis, make use of existing anatomy charts. I use a quartz crystal pendulum I put together for health work to determine deficiencies, health level vibration of chakras and organs, for distance healing work, or to determine if what I have done is working or not. For anything else, I use a different pendulum. Using a specific pendulum for a specific reason conditions one's subscocious to focus on a specific purpose. The books I own are no longer in publication. But you can check the list of books offered by the American Dowsing Association and The Bristish Dowsing Organization (the latter offers online courses). [b[Topics to reseach online:[/b] Radiasthesia, Pendulum as it relates to health and to Chakras, and to water dowsing--because the body is 80% water. Must read: "The Field" by L. McTaggart; "The Hidden Message of Water" by M. Emoto; "Limitless Mind" by Targ (Remote Viewing). These are still on the market. I recall seeing this title a while back, but the book store didn't carry it. It was considered a special order, and I don't generally order books unless I know what the Table of Content contains to see if there is something new for me in it or not. bacause of my background experience and training as a naturopath, oriental healing art of acupressure--which involves knowledge of acupincture meridians, and Reiki, Reflexology, herbalogy and homeopathy, I understand natural healing in relation to nature and have been fairly successful with health issues of clients, which began by healing myself over 30 years ago. More often than not, prodicing healing is simpler than orthodox methods makes it out to be. We just live in time and age in which people have been conditioned to believe that complicated methods have the best solutions. While the truth is that it only complicates things even more so down the line. Apparently you have already read The Medical I Ching. Please do relate something of what you learned from it and what it contains, and something about the author. The other link you requested about the recent case I worked on applying "distance healing," I can't find it in the Taoist Disscusion section. It was the only topic I have posted thus far. If you could find it based on "Ayudar," let me know. Update on that case, I was informed yesterday that the patient at the hospital is alive and well, and communicating when he was not expected to live. If you cannot find it either, let me know and I will see if I still have a copy of it on my system and email it to you privately. Other source of info: http://emeraldinnovations.co.uk/radionic/P..._to/how_to.html http://www.journey-to-self.com/pendulum%20...Exploration.htm http://www.byregion.net/articles-healers/Pendulum_Power.html http://www.diviningmind.com/dowsing-instru...CFQYMZQodTmrGHg http://www.lightparty.com/Health/Radionics.html Good commnicating with you Yen Hui, Ayudar
  5. Taoist Afterlife

    Well said. Ayudar
  6. Taoist Afterlife

    Yes, I agree with you, which is why I said that one cannot possibly no all there is to this. I didn't mention OBE or NDE's, because i don't know how many members posting here are familiar with it experientially. But I am one of those individual who learned to do OBE at will after a NDE. There's so much to what consciounes is capable of doing and experiencing that nothing we say or do can put a fence around what really unlimited potential for the mind's conscious life force vibration. All concepts, even that of Taoism, have their limits or unlimited dimensions. How far one takes it depends simply on how far one's consciousness expands in one direction or another for the experiencer. Ayudar
  7. need help with Kundalini

    The surge of energy generated by sudden release of kundalini does have an affect on body chemistry as well, and while the caffeine and sugar from chocolate may help for some, it may not for others. In your case it may be helping some depending of amount used--which seems moderate and can't do much harm. What I meant with hypoglycemia is that a large number of people have it and don't even know they do, hence they experience all sorts of symptoms. There are degrees of hypoglycemia as well, and not until it is at a clinical level can it be diagnosed by a physician. Anything that cause excess activity to brain sugar metabolism can cause all sorts of issues for the gladular system, and therefore anxiety and other issues. Orbits are good, and anything else that relaxes the nervous system. However, chemistry reserves should always be replenished when burned, even by exercise. Mantak Chia is mentioned here often. He, as you know, specializes in Chi. I studied with him in classes he conducted in New York City back in the 1980's. Guess what, with all his expertise, he didn't look so well. I mentioned this to my wife during class because we are both in the health field. While he was doing his demonstration thing, showing the class his meditation technique and trying to spread his chi over the classroom, he began falling asleep instead. This indicated poor circulation and a toxic condition. His skin tone appeared greenish, not good; another indication of toxicity. The orbits and everything else he was doing wouldn't help if the inner chemistry environment reduces meridian integrity. Good practice must always be complemented by good chemistry balance as much as one is able to do with the knowledge one has. Ayudar
  8. Dowsing

    I have been involved with I-Ching divination since the early 1980's, and do this professionally for some of my clients. But, I have been doing pendullum work for a much longer period of about 30 years. Both have advantages for specific needs the other cannot supply. For example, the I-Ching cannot draw up from my subconscious a specufic numerical sequence of a combination lock I forgot, but the pendullum can help me there. My first experience with this was in fact of that nature. I had purchased a bike lock for my son, locked it, and three years later couldn't find the card with the numbers. And my son wanted his bike. Because I had gone through the combination at least once, it was still stored somehwere in my subconscious. Here's the thing though, the lock had six wheels, each with six digits. The first time around, using the pendulum and posing the right question to my subconscious, I was able to bring up the correct sequesce and open the lock first time around. I also use it to determine the polarity energy fields of Yin and Yang in my body and that of clients in my holistic healing work. I have also applied it to inform me when I have locked in to someone else's energy pattern when I need to do distance healing work on them. I wrote about one of those cases in a thread I began of this forum. There is an art to both systems, and like I said, they are both useful for different reasons. And not until one has a reason to apply one or both, will one know how involved and specialized they can be, and their effectiveness. Ayudar
  9. need help with Kundalini

    I'm afraid I wouldn't agree with this, because caffeine in chocolate drains the adrenal glands just as much as cofee by releasing more adrenalin into the bloodstream for the wrong reason. The the body has to produce insulin to bring down the blood sugar caused by the adrenalin boost of glucose. This will tend to increase nervousness and if done too often could contribute to hypoglycemic condition. Ayudar
  10. Taoist Afterlife

  11. need help with Kundalini

    Hello Yes, More often than not, anxiety has to treated first before taking on a method. You mention getting sick, and perhaps a little dizziness amight accompany this issue. One of the body parts that has to be health to deal with anxiety, and for Chineses methods of moving Chi, and Kundalini, are the "adrenal glands." When these glands are out of balance due to either stress or diet, anxiety sets in and there is difficulty in coping with stress. The person will also be more prone to nervousness and worry, among other things. I would suggest "pantothenic Acid" in your daily diet, which by the way the majority of the population is deficient in. This is an adrenal food along with Vit-C. It is water soluble and non-toxic. You can purchase it at your local GNC or any nutrition store. If you happen to be a woman, which "Yes" doesn't reveal, then this nutrient is even more important to you. I am a male and take 500mg a day, my wife takes a 1,000 a day. You will see a difference over a two week period. Good luck, Ayudar
  12. Can anyone recommend good Tai Chi DVDs?

    Short form? Long form? Or primarily for health more than the martial arts aspect? Ayudar
  13. The Tao Of Chaos

    Hello Sean, Since you were first to greet me at the Lobby as a new member, I thought it appropiate to respond to one of your posts first. I locked into this 333 business because you are not alone in this phenomena. For years, both my wife and I have been encountering the same thing. I often wake up in the night and it is 3:33 am, I look over at my computer clock--car clock, and bank clock, and it's that time. I will see license plates of cars I stop behind with this numer. One time, I stopped at a light and a pizza delivery vehicle stopped beside me and it's first three digits were 3:33. The most informative reply I received took place in a dream back in the 1980's. In this experience, I met a wise man and asked him what 333 signified. His reply, "It means--Ultimate." This always stuck with me. When I began learning numbers and vibrations, I learned that scientifically all things in our physical known universe can be explained by 9 (333). I did a numerolical cahrt on the name of Jesus Christ (An old Egyptian Method taught to me by the Brotherhood of Light, used to determine vibrations and what it means), and the name came to 9 (333). When I through in the word "Cross," the vibration changed to 10, which meant "Completion" and made total sense, because it was where he completed his mission. The meaning, however, "Meant change of Cycle" as a 10. Therefore, I can only assume that 333, in its total (9), indicates that this world is currently undergoing a process of change that will ultimatelu bring about a major "Change of Cycle" affecting the entire world. Now why is it that many of us are seeing this so often while others are not. My best guess is that those who are spiritually sensitive are automatically attuned to the changes but may not know that it has a numerical vibration value. Once known, however, and correlated with what is occurring around us and in us, one can see that it all falls in place. Something out there wants us to prepare for the coming changes. Regards, Ayudar
  14. New member. Hello to everyone.

    Well, I had a heck of a time trying to reply to some of topics. I didn't know that I first had to introduce myself in this "Lobby" section. So here I am saying hi to everyone. I have been fortunate to have a very diverse backgound of professional, and hobby, experience over 30 years of my life. I will only mention a few here. I was at one time an instructor in Chinese Matial Arts. One of my interest involves doing I-Ching readings for customers professionally. I am a naturapathic doctor (ND), and a Reiki practioner, among other holistic healing arts. I have a great deal of professional experience as an expert graphologist (handwriting analyst). Additonally, I do much spiritual work. Although I don't make it a practice to memorize who wrote this or that when it pertains to Chinese philosophy, with the exception of Lao Tzu of course. I have learned and practice many oriental ways and philosophies, as well as western psychology--all of which were essential to my life, work, and practices. Well, enough of that. I hope to meet some of you on this forum and contribute to interesting conversations. Best to you you all. Ayudar