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  1. Hello everyone! I just recently wrote an article on this subject that I thought you all might be interested in. It describes the teachings that I believe are contained in the book "The Magus of Java". Here's the link:
  2. Hello!

    Thanks Yoda! May I just say I have enjoyed reading your posts on here. Your name fits your personality perfectly! Level headed, kind, and full of wisdom! Yoda has to be the coolest character from the Star Wars movies. He's definitely my favourite.
  3. Hello!

    Oops! I somehow managed to post this topic 3 times! My computer was acting slow, weird - sorry about that you guys! I'd delete them but I don't know how.
  4. Hello!

    Hi! Just introducing myself as asked for the new members. I'm quite interested in taoist cultivation (I've read the Magus of Java and have the Kunlun book on the way to me in the mail) and came across this site, which I have found to be INVALUABLE to my search for information. Thank you all! I hope to be able to add some positive comments to the discussion myself. I really like the community here. You guys rock! Fiz