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  1. Attacment and Beliefs

    Right & Wrong are just believes in your own head, they are illusions.
  2. Powering down

    "Can't We All Just Get Along?" by Rodney King
  3. What are your delusions?

    are laziness and procrastination the same delusion? I know I procrastinate, but am not sure if I am really lazy, may be I am afraid of something that's why I putting things off? and I know fear is a delusion, just not sure what I am afraid off, not death, not loneliness, what then? may be everything is delusion?
  4. Your preference on some free audio

    why either-or but not both?
  5. Looking for Kriya Yoga

    Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, left Self Realization Fellowship and funded his own spiritual community. My feeling is that the people who run the SRF after the death of Yogonanda (who brought Kriya Yoga to the west), have turned SRF from a spiritual movement into a stiff religion not unlike Christian, very unfortunate indeed, and I am glad that at least one disciple didn't give in to that dark force and carried on the true spirit of his ancient masters. Swami Kriyananda has a set of meditation videos that he teaches Kriya Yoga himself but not using the name Kriya Yoga, you might still be able find these videos on eMule and piratebay, they are four video files, each about one hour long, converted from old VHS tapes. It's safe to practice this modified version of Kriya Yoga, you don't need the initiation, and you are learning directly (well, sort of, by watching his teachings on tape) from a direct disciple of the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda.
  6. Any Taoist Teachers Here?

    I was going to say the same thing, you said it better than I could. A traditional Zen training typically starts with "chop wood, carry water", and that alone could last for many many years before a student would even hear a word from the zen master (teacher). I am afraid TGA is not yet ready for a teacher yet.
  7. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    I thought the subject title of this thread is "..... Facts Not Fiction Thread.", can you refrain yourself from repeating your claims that are NOT FACTS, and allow those who might have something closer to fact expressing themselves? We hear you, but give us a break would you? If you do have any facts, many of of us would to hear, so just give us the facts in this thread, and leave the fictions in other threads please.
  8. Thanks! I had downloaded the videos and am watching them this weekend, what the guy teaches is quite different than the conventional wisdom of retaining the jing, I want to hear what other Taobums who had watched this video think about this teaching.
  9. If anyone had watched the Matt Furey's China's Secret Sexual Kung Fu Love Making System, would you care to comment on it? Product link: www.chineseculturesecrets.com Thanks!
  10. Anyone here familair with Laohu Gong?

    Thanks for your input Craig! Really appreciate it. I bought the DVD and the book a while back, when I watched the dvd the first time, I was intimidated and discouraged, I thought: no way I am going to be able to learn this on my own. Your encouragement helps me to counter my self doubts, I am going to start to read the book this weekend and see what develops. My goal is modest: learn qigong, study Tao, in hope that it would help to maintain physical health, quiet my mind, gain better balance in life, and be more harmonious with the Tao/nature. I want to pick a qigong practice to accompany me in achieving these objectives. I don't have a teacher (would love to have one but have not been able to find a good teacher yet), and I don't know what practice to take given the fact that there are so many qigong practices (forms/systems) out there.
  11. Anyone here familair with Laohu Gong?

    Is it advisable for beginners to practice this qigong by learning from dvd alone without a live teacher? My only background is I have learned and practiced 8 Pieces Of Brocades qigong, but that was very elementary stuff. Thanks!
  12. Shaman trance music recommendations

    "The continent of one-thousand drums Vol1, 2 & 3", most pure shaman drums with very little other instruments, sounds or vocals, I like it pure. I sometimes mix them with "David & Steve Gordon - Sacred Spirit Drums (1998)", play two tracks at the same time, Gordons are weak in drums but has nice fill-in background flutes and other instruments, together the effect is amazing! My favorite mix: "Ubumwe" from "The continent of one-thousand drums Vol 3" with "Sunrise Ritual" from "David & Steve Gordon - Sacred Spirit Drums (1998)". You can experiment with other mixes, I found these two groups mix great together. Also like "Africa Djembe Orchestra - Drums of Goree (1993)(Orchestre Africa Djembe)" and "Djembe - Percussions D'Afrique".
  13. Shaman trance music recommendations

    Awsome! Thanks a lot!
  14. Shaman trance music recommendations

    Thanks for sharing this! Just listened to the entire cd, wonderful wonderful music! Does anyone know of any good shaman drumming only music? just pure good drumming without any of that witchcraft ritual stuff. Thanks much again!