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  1. Sorry if this question has been covered before. For more than 6 months now it feels as if all my sexual energy is localized in my genitals. Throughout the day I can feel a slight pulsating sensation in my perenium and as a result I am reaching orgasm/ejaculation very quickly during intercourse etc. I exercise at the gym 3-4 times a day and eat fairly healthy. I also tend to be very aware of my breathing all throughout the day, being sure to keep my breaths as relaxed and full as possible, as I hear that having energy stangnating in the head or genitals is a reult of not doing this. For a while now I have tried to circulate the energy up my spine but doing this has seemed to make the pulsating feeling in my perenium more intense. And the information I have read on this is difficult to follow as some sources say to move the energy up the spine during inhalation and others say to do it during exhalation. Also I had been doing lots of kegels but have now stopped as this too seems to be making my sexual energy stronger. My question is what do I need to start doing in order to move this energy out of my genitals so that my urge to ejaculate is not always present? My Sacral Chakra has always been over-active as long as I can remember. It's also likely that I have low serotonin levels as I sometimes suffer from depression and I hear that this can cause the body's addiction to ejaculation. Currently I am abstaining from ejaculation and I have also cut out spicy food from my diet as I think that this can possibly contribute to my sexual energy being intensified or localised? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and again I'm sorry if this has been convered in detail elsewhere in the forums. Many thanks!!
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    Hello everyone Have already read some great information on this site, I really look forward to posting on the forums soon!