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  1. You are invited to participate in the Fifth Annual Taoist Gathering, October 24-26, 2008 in Oakland, CA. Special registration of $50 for Tao Bums. Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Master Liu Ming, Dr. Aex Feng, Dr. Suzanne Friedman, Mikey Kidd, Chirstopher Tompkins, Prof. YeYoung - an amazing, magical weekend.....come explore with us! Theme is RENEWAL with Dr. Cibik offering a special pre-conference seminar on Unveiling the Shen on Friday the 24th. Full details at www.thetaoistcenter.com. Call 510-566-3044 to take advantage of the special registration fee.
  2. Fifth Annual Taoist Gathering

    Greetings from Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center in Oakland, CA - the first East Bay Taoist Center that incorporates the healing, physical/martial and spiritual aspects of the Tao. Founded by Dr. Alex (Er Chan) Feng, holder of the Zhi Dao linneage from his ancestors and father, Dr. Wei Ren Feng, Zhi Dao Guan hosts an annual gathering of Taoists. This year the Fifth Annual Taoist Gathering is October 24-26, 2008 at Samuel Merritt College with the pre-conference seminar and Friday evening Taoism class and meditation at the Center, 3824 MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland. Dr. Ted Cibik of Inner Strength will give a half day seminar on Unveiling the Shen: Your Guide to Personal Growth on the 24th followed by the usual last Friday of the month class at Zhi Dao Guan. Speakers on the 25th and 26th on the theme of RENEWAL include Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson - Reclaiming Your Power Through New Beginnings; Suzanne Friedman LAc, DMQ The Foundations & Development of Daoist Mysticism; Dr. Alex Feng LAc, PhD, OMD ,Five Animal Taoist Medical Qi Gong; Liu Ming Founder, Dayuan Circle ; Professor Bing F. YeYoung , He Tu & Luo Shu, Nine Palace/Nine Star(magic square), Five Phases, the unity of time and space in the traditional Chinese cosmology - and many others - see the full agenda and registration info at www.thetaoistcenter.com